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  1. Well, I've gotten 2 videos playing with audio & picture on my Windows Media Player. Must be the K-lite codec(thanks). I'm still having a little trouble with a couple files that keeps telling me "Can't access folder"(must be an inactive torrent like you suggested earlier), but other than that, I'm doing pretty fine for now. Thanks again for helping me through this. I really appreciate it.
  2. Quick update: I downloaded and installed VLC into my CPU, but for some reason, whenever I click to open it, I get an icon that reads: Error while loading DLL 'unicows.dll"! The application will terminate now. What should I do?
  3. Well, the torrent you just recommened for testing worked on the Windows Media Player, and that's w/o the codec being installed yet. I'm currently downloading a basketball game(from 6/18--much later version) to see if I get similar results. It's already progressing, with 5.8% of it completed so far. Meanwhile, here's some advice I got from someone else on codecs, tell me what you think: When I clicked properties after right-clicking the download, a window that was labled "Task Properties" came up. It has 4 tabs-->General, Advanced, Torrent Information, & Task Link. I looked in the
  4. I'm downloading bit torrents from this site: http://davka.dmkproject.net/bt/index.php?show_all=1 The file I'm currently trying to download is "Minnesota Timberwolves vs New York Knicks". First of all, when I clicked the link, a small windo from Bit Comet came up that was labeled "Task Properties". I wasn't sure if I should do anything to it or not, so I just clicked OK, and immediately afterwards, an icon came up that said "Cannot access folder". I don't know what this indicates, but as of right now, the progress of the download is still at 0%, and in the "Name" category, the file says: [0
  5. Hi. Sorry if this seems like a pretty dumb question, but I downloaded BitComet recently, and whenever my torrents finished downloading and I chose to play them, my "Windows Media Player" would open up automatically. This is a problem because for some reason, it only shows the audio and no picture, and I don't know what the reason for this is. Is W.M.P. not capable of playing bit torrent files? Something else? Thanks, TNM
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