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  1. Thanks, I will keep the torrent but I won't upload it until way later. But thank you for all your help.
  2. I'm finished, I deleted my home made torrent. After 40+ hours, 5 different tracker edits, and even asking for help, all I got was 1 person (the guy who originally helped me) to download off me and around 257 people trying to but getting them from the 0/0[1/157] to even a 0/1[*/*] became more of a headache than it is worth honestly. And besides, I was opening myself to illegal activity just to hopefully bring mild joy to someone else. I'm sorry, the "Juice wasn't worth the squeeze" and all. Thanks for the help, but sometimes to just wait for the song to come out and buy it then could be the better option.
  3. Wow, I woke up and even to this simple torrent, I now have it at 0/0[0/72]. Just real quick, how the h*** can I make it more to the left side now. I have changed the trackers, I have made this just a folder instead of a zip file. What else can I do. I figured if it were just 0/2 or even 0/5, I could understand them not moving over but 0/72 now, one should have been downloading by now.
  4. I updated my trackers by checking each and every one, if it went to a dead site I would delete it but beyond that, I am not sure at all how good they are. I will do more research tomorrow on this though.
  5. This is like I said, just for educational purposes, but here is the new torrent. FINISHED Pony Audio Redone.torrent
  6. Okay, I resubmitted the Torrent with all the songs but not in a Zip format (I just seeded the whole song directory.) but I am rather lost on the tracker idea. To save your time though, I will be more than happy to read an earlier post from a different conversation if you point it out. Once again, thank you. Also, Super Seeding is off on both of the seeds now (One a Zip file and the other completely open.) are not super seeding. It wasn't then, but I still double checked. The whole tracker idea I am more lost on though, if there is an article to read here, I would be happy to read it. Oh, and not getting it 100% earlier until later was due to my fault honestly. I just had to update one inner file to being 100% like the rest of them. I don't know why this was a problem as I am the original person but all is fine there now too.
  7. Thanks, I read what you said and I will update the entire thing tomorrow. Thanks for your advise and I will work on what you suggested tomorrow.
  8. Update: One person managed to get it but like I said above, two others want it but can't download it. I still see 0/0[0/2] but one Person did get it and my Share quota is now 1.00 for that file.
  9. I know the songs are probably copywrited but I am more trying to learn is all. My toddler loves the songs in his show so I figured I could both take the songs from his show and learn by doing so is all. And it was me that did the editing work to MP3s, I didn't take someone elses work and say it was my own. -----------------------------------------
  10. Sure, the torrent is below but I have changed the trackers to a lower number. I will post the trackers I took out right with the torrent but like I said before, any advice would be nice is all. Just o test all of this, I took the songs out of my toddlers favorite show and made them into MP3s. The trackers I originally had but followed advice on removing are in the file that goes with the torrent. My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic Music complete.zip.torrent Torrent Trackers.txt
  11. I should add more information. I have gone so far as bypassing my small office router and go straight from PC to Wall Outlet, searched the options in BitComet, turned off Windows Firewall, turned off all other upload/downloads, even so far as downloading a secondary Torrent program called Utorrent. I really didn't like Utorrent but I am more trying everything I can think of and the same problem...I cannot upload my file. I have even updated he Trackers and took out some to limit them down on the second day. Still nothing.
  12. I have a really dumb question as this should be easily be fixed but I am not sure what exact thing to do. I made a torrent, I have people TRYING to get the file so people do see it. Right now in BitComet under Seed/Peers[all] I have 0/0[0/11] so I do know that there are people trying to get my home made file. I am currently not uploading or downloading anything but not a single person can download my file. What exactly am I doing wrong here? Where can I fix this problem. I don't really do this but from other's experiences, they have be able to start downloading a file the minute it comes out and for me, it has been a few days. Please help or at least tell me where to look.
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