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  1. Let's say (just hypothetically ofc. ;-) ) that I downloaded some music album with .mp3 files in it. Let's say also that Artist and Track name is not completely correct and I am using Last.FM to scrobble what I listen. Thus, in order to scrobble my music correctly, I modified metadata of .mp3 files with winamp, to change Artist name. But, when I do that and still want to upload the music I downloaded an I am listening, Bit Comet says that files were modified and wants to perform Hash Check. What will happen if I say no? I suppose that all will be OK if the file parts I am uploading will happen to be the correct ones. But what if someone wants from me file part that was modified? Will this part will be just rejected and everything else is OK (they will download only not-modified parts from me and don't touch modified), or it can cause some errors to the person which downloads it from me? In other words, is it "safe" to upload files with modified parts, or these parts can be downloaded and things can get complicated? (P.S. If modified file parts are rejected, are there some advanced options (for example in BitComet) that allows such manoeuvres? )
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