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  1. Good afternoon Everyone!! I'm using the latest version of BitComet I can find 1.47 (64Bit) on a Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit) with a with an external drive that is plugged into my Linksys EA6400... Everything has been working fine for ages and then I decided to add a VPN tunnel called SecureLine VPN from Avast... This addition seemed to work beautifully for about 2 weeks. I was getting the "yellow lite" on the Port Blocked section for ages before I added the SecureLine VPN and if I turn off my Windows Firewall it becomes green... I have tried many different things to make the "yellow lite" go away, but that isn't the issue that I am writing about. Yesterday, I had a problem with a specific movie is was trying to download from several different torrent providers, where I would get 99.9% complete and it would stay there... I checked a bunch of "TV shows" and they worked yesterday. Today... nothing will download! I tried several different torrent providers, more than one "Torrent Download" piece of software and still nothing. I have been up and down all of your forums, your support pages and checked out the Wiki profile as well... I don't know if it's our internet provider has become smarter with their restrictions, or what??? I have the same problem if I turn off the firewall on the computer and on the router... Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated, JLMitchell63
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