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  1. for god sake where in the h*** world can a ed2k network connect with torrent tracker? tuotu just a hybird program that can done direct download task , torrent task and ed2k task
  2. lol now i can see why this forum looks junk well u mention tuned up properly 'bitcomet's setting' i have .. and still the speed is in bad shape i try everything in 0.7 .. by turning off UPNP .. or enable UDP 'everything' until i fed up and go for new release even the old version of 0.6 and yet everything .. is not working lol frankly say ther is some client have same features like bitcomet and it work fine they had already start regulating UDP packet when they start throttle p2p connection
  3. not really i still can get high speed from other application that use TCP packets.. and while UDP ... just only 1-10kb/s look at my previous SS... note:- that task was from demonoid.com , that means generally all are using TCP packets @frans84 read the 3rd page .. pls. do some work dun be lazy and ask for ppl to feed u all
  4. any prove? that shows it work?
  5. errmm he means(in another translate version .. seem some is country's language) WOAH ... tuotu juz nid one minute to reach 100kb/s!!! bitcomet.. hmm[failed to reach the dl speed] ~ Posts merged by mod. ~ lol so high speed.. while of course with plenty of seeders.. but when i use bitcomet. no hope even 50kb/s can't reach .. hmm hope BC dev team will release out a more better encryption code..
  6. @guitaristjeddah that portforward guide r useless follow the forum's 1 is better .. @MYS34N i can get 150-160 with my rabbit with 3 torrents running(with each 50kb/s per torrent) :P and my dl stream is only 1.5mb .. lol almost can reach urs 2mb's ... waste la go register 2mb package and about the point u state is fake or not ? well that .. go ahead and speak what u like ..(i dun care ..) even some ppl from Low Yat r starting using that Tuotu and introduce to other ppl and they say their(tuotu) encryption code is work and is work more a lot better that current azereus ... , bitcomet , and also utorrent @dinois well first of all try to set ur max global upload speed so that ur dl speed won't be affect secondly .. max global connection -(put it around 200-300) thirdly max half open connection -auto (make sure ur TCPIP.sys been modified/ur max half open slots has been expand) Fourthly .. listening port use range port that bitcomet's use... Lastly set ur max connection per task .. (this i put it to auto) *well there is 1 one more port setting (i think is called release port) that is original come with port 20361 when u install that rabbit that 1 i leave it to default and also limit ur upload task too many upload task will burden ur torrent well dinois.. if still dun understand WTH i'm talking go to HERE (click here) ..well is LY's forum
  7. hmm if u want.. *but first u must know how to read chinese ..
  8. is useless once it start throttle .. it will throttle for a few months or years.. well mine took me 9 months to get rid that throttling problem so is better to change to other bt applications *currently using Tuotu
  9. is obviously that they dun want their server to be overwhelm ... so results is throttling bt user usage ... @whitebamboo well their policy .. didn't mention anything about bandwith .. and throttle..
  10. dinois why dun try new bittorent software.. after u been throttled by streamyx is called Tuotu .. have u heard before? just now i just switch from bc to this new software *i think u got heard it before if u always hook up at low yat's forum *sry to admin/mod if i promote or link other bittorent software.. but i trying to help them .. coz other r throttle victim like me
  11. hmm i think streamyx r throtting p2p rumor r true click here for more info seem like again we(streamyx user) have to wait bitcomet or any torrent applications release a better encyption code to fight the throttle issue X_X
  12. try diff version of bt well u will found 1 like me .. .75.. before .. my acc been throttle
  13. lol... he will i think .. maybe in 1 month coz before i change my bc to .75 my speed is totally slow .. like a snail although encryption is turned on but after i change to .75 .. i can dl torrent /w encryption by full speed.... results = after 1 month acc will be their target of throttle now i'm using .77 with encryption ... still the highest speed i can reach is only 90-100kb/s ...*normally can go to 140-160kb/s @silverl .. btw silverl what's that antithrottle software use? it react on ur connection or ?
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