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  1. Thanks for your help again.. I use highspeed cable internet. Could it still be a line problem? Flix
  2. Help Please - Things worked for a while, then stopped again. Now my download quits after a couple of minutes. Red x at left. I cleaned up my disk which is 50% free now (Many GBs). Any more sugestions???
  3. OK, I used the 4226 patch and set the concurrent number to 50 as U.S. suggested AND I changed the preferences in BC to 8 as Dave suggested. Things have been working so far. Many thanks to both of you. Flix
  4. I do have event 4226. I did disable the windows firewall which didn't help. I downloaded the patch and I'm waiting to see if it works
  5. :( I start a download, it works fine for a while then it stops. I get a red x on the left of my download. I manually reconnect, then after a couple of minutes it stops again. This happens on many downloads (but not all). I just upgraded to BC .70 running on XP with lots of available disk space and memory. Please help so I can download movies for my kids without sitting in front of the PC for 3 hours reconnecting!
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