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  1. Hi paparaaaapa, If we face problem which we have difficulty or cannot be solved we seek for advise and help. I think that is what this forum is about. Wonder how you found out that Streamyx(ISP) own by TMnet is trying to block only part of the IP, the WAN IP. Care to share a bit. On your claim of using 512kbps packages it is not consistent with your previous posting.
  2. Hi The UnUsual Suspect, Just comparing BiComet 0.70 and TuoTu downloading same torrent ubuntu-6.10 from http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/14574811/Ubuntu BiComet download speed 24KB/s versus 153KB/s from TuoTu. Just wonder how TuoTu by pass the ISP throttling? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: Do you have some idea or explanation for this? I would still prefer to use BiComet as I cannot read Chinese. :D :D :D
  3. @The UnUsual Suspect StreamyX - Malaysia only ISP is throttling P2P as you can see Kaizzya is using TuoTu in the form that nobody can understand the language yet he still can use it and get high download speed but not BitComet. :( :( :( In Malaysia a lot of people are using TuoTu as per Kaizzya explanation. At the moment I am also using TuoTu but would prefer BitComet as it English base which I can understand. Hope BitComet will improve on the encryption code or find some other ways to go around the throttling. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  4. Your suggestion does not seem to work as some other program cannot access to internet. I have tried it as per your suggestion and have to revert back to default. Indeed I think your suggestion is a bit dangerous especially to those not so well verses with computer setting. Agreed with Kaizzya, that port forward guide is useless. This forum's guide is better as it works for me. Kaizzya is using TuoTu a Chinese version of BitComet as the appearance and set up is similar. Even though I cannot read or write Chinese I manage to install it. Same torrent with part of the files with BitComet a
  5. MYS34N, wow your download speed is great. I used to get that download speed too. You are downloading too many torrents all at the same time. Try to limit to one or two if possible as your upload of 38 KB/s is not enough to support them all. Others trying to download the torrents will suffer because of your action. alpha_boy, your download speed of 50-55kbps is great for the 512kbps package. Both of you should be happy but what about others that is not as lucky as both of you. One example is me as sadly I am still getting between 3 – 20 KB/s depending on the time. We need help. . . . Have
  6. Well I cannot not read or write Chinese. :( :( :( So I am struck and justing waiting for help........... :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  7. Hi ALTERNA, The two 546 kb/sec is actual 546B/sec which will add up to 1kB/sec. Downgrade to 0.70 version. The 0.77 version is still not consider stable yet. That will not increase your download speed as the ISP is throttling you. :angry: :angry: At least you would have less problem. :D :D
  8. I apologize to Dinois for saying “I think you are selfish and do not like to help others”. What I am getting now. A lot of seeds and peers but cannot connect to them and the download speed is slow. The Global Max Upload Rate is set at 35 kB/s. Will this help? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  9. Hi Kaizzya, I have tried all sorts of things already. No improvement so far.:( :( :( I try running one torrent only result is the same. :( :( :( Last resort here, hoping against hope to get some help to go around the throttling. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  10. More info please. -connection? -client? -modem? router? -port forwarding? -remotes & locals? etc.
  11. More info please. -connection? -client? -modem? router? -port forwarding? -remotes & locals? etc.
  12. Agreed with MYS34N if 0.77 is not a stable release, please correct the front page, because it does not say anything about stable or unstable releases. Very misleading. :( :(
  13. Hi MYS34N, Congratulation to you another Streamyx satisfy customer. I use to be before they start throttling. Streamyx's front page [ SERVICE INTERRUPTION We wish to inform our tmnet streamyx customers that TM Net will be performing a service maintenance exercise on its Streamyx system in Teruntum, Kuantan from 9.30 p.m, 25 November 2006 until 1.30 a.m, on 26 November 2006. As a result, Streamyx customers in Kuantan may experience a disruption of service during that stipulated period. We would like to assure you that the service will resume to normal after this time. TM Net Sdn Bhd apol
  14. Hi Dinois, Krishmti, is just being frustrated for being throttled. Calling name is not being polite but you also did not help at all. In your fist post you said you are a Malaysian from PJ, Selangor state, using 512kb and your downloading speed is 50-60 kb/s. You claimed that tmnet (StreamyX - Malaysia only ISP) is not blocking (throttling) bitcomet or BT, you also said the country only ISP love bitcomet. By saying all this I do not know what you is your intention - to be helpfull, I do not see it. Now on your 2nd. post you said your downloading was 1-5KB/s for more than 1 month. Unless
  15. Hi Kaizzya, From what I can get from the program properties. Description: Anti-Throttle for Comcast cable Internet users Comments: Program created to stop Comcast from shutting off users. Company: DoS-Dragon.com Date Created: 18/11/2006 3:29 PM Size: 503 KB This software does not seem to solve the throttling problem. :( :( Same question is there a solution temporary or permanent for this throttling problem ??? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
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