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  1. A lot of the ISP's here in Australia (and probably elsewhere) are volume limited, but offer a split total volume. eg. 20Gb from 8am till Midnight, and a further 20GB from Midnight to 8am. Most people would max out their day allowance and have most of their night allowance sitting there begging every month. So, my suggestion, timers. Have the option to give a start time, start day, maximum run time, etc. Or, "Allowed Download time range" (eg. downloadable between Midnight and 8am any weekday). For EACH different torrent. (if the client is running of course) That way you can schedule your movie downloads to run overnight and have that urgent app download happening straight away. Be good for people scalping their corporate networks, they can setup their downloads to happen automatically overnight and not hog the bandwidth during the day. Whadya reckon? :-)
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