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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I did a re-install of the 0.70 after running ccleaner and defragging the drive. And then I followed the setup guide and it seems to be working perfectly now (with Norton running no less).
  2. Yes, I got it today as well. I can almost swear that it wasn't there as late as yesterday. My Norton worm protection also alerted me and I disabled it.
  3. System Config: Intel Dual Core 2.8x2 (PD915) 1G DDRII 667MHZ Ram 160 GB Hitachi SATA II HD ASRock Conroe 945G DVI (All in One) Software config: Win XP Pro SP2 (Fully updated) NAV 2006 (built in firewall) I have been using 0.70 on my old system (Celeron 2.4, 256MB Ram, Win XP Pro SP2, NAV 2005) without any problem for several months. Bought a new computer yesterday, installed 0.70 and it started freezing after about 3-4 minutes of use (downloading 1 task only). The whole screen freezes and the hardisk light remained on. Out of three times I tried, I was able to stop the program with Taskmanager once, but the system was became very unstable and wasn't able to shut down. The other 2 times I had to do hard resets. My Windows was just installed yesterday without much on it. Is this a problem with the Norton Worm Protection which replaced the Win XP firewall? I had the same thing running in my old computer. I was really looking forward to the increase ram and hd space in the new computer but am at a lost now. Could anyone please help or at least provide me with some pointers? Thanks, Citibatter
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