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  1. Hi, I have been away with my laptop. Before I went away I had MO problem with Bitcomet- When IO tried to use when away on holiday it did not work. Hence my initial query on this Forum. One of the replies mentioned that I had to ensure tat the router allowed Bitcomet through. I of course thought that the problem was with the router I was using when on holiday. Now that I have returned I receive the same error message, ie can not isten to port 11303, 11303 ( udp) and All I see in the bottom left hand corner of page is "Connecting to server"
  2. Hi Have just checked Firewall and Bitcomet is allowed through. I am using Version 1.51. I have uninstalled and reinstalled
  3. When I try to open BITCOMT I see the above message. After I select OK Bitcomet will launch but will not connect to server. All I see in the bottom left hand corner of page is "Connecting to server"
  4. Many thanks for your reply. I am a bit new to this so can you please send me link to Magent web page. Thanks
  5. When I click on "get this torrent" nothing happens. Underneath "get this torrent" I can see a message " (Problems with magnets links are fixed by upgrading your torrent client!) Selecting Torrent Client leads me to BITLORD, hence my question.
  6. I have just seen the above comment on Torrent Files, The link points to BITLORD. What is this and is it safe to Download please?
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been using Bitcomet for many years with no problem. I have Bitcomet 1.37 (64 bit), Firefox browser, broadband connections and windows 7 on one pc and windows 8.1 on another pc. I purchased a new laptop last month and eventually downloaded bitcomet. When I entered a serach in "thePiratebay" box, after a few minutes I got a message that the PC had timed out. I tried the old PC and got the same message. Know when I put in a serach i get the screen as attached. This appaear to be counting up in seconds. The screen image does not show it, but at the top of the
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