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  1. Hmm ok lets keep fingers crossed about the rss suggestion. In the mean time I have got another one to suggest. (5) Some torrents have trackers which are very much dead. Only one or two trackers are able to keep the swarm alive. How about introducing something like a torrent exchange just like peer exchange which adds more trackers which are alive to my client when I connect across peers. Thanks again
  2. First of all I would like to thank the entire developer team and the awesome admins for maintaining the software and the site. I myself am not pro at writing programs and softwares. So I must apologize to the team that my demands might be a very difficult to carry out or too childish. Even then if you people would listen to me I would feel grateful. Enough talking lets get down to business. (1) Say I want to reseed a music album. My library is very neat and tidy but the torrent file has its files in a mess. So I need to mess up my music files in the same manner that the torrent has and then
  3. You were right!! I installed the original eMule plugin this morning and the bug got fixed! Now I can download and upload simultnously!! WOOHOO Looks like the Xtreme mod is not so good after all. My PC is ok. I will use the original one from now on. Thanks Eagle Sir you rock!!
  4. Its ok you can delete it.I guess it's just a problem on my pc
  5. Can you tell me the eMule client you are using and any changes to the default settings of eMule if you have performed?
  6. I am no longer seeding this torrent anymore and its not on my hard-disc. Are you able to upload to the emule peers even when you have not finished either of the two files entirely? What I have noticed is that finished files when inserted in the eMule Shared Directory begin seeding smoothly...but thats only to the eMule peers not BitComet peers.I would like to stress that only completed files can be uploaded like this Please confirm this to me- (1)You are downloading it via Bitcomet and parallely with eMule. (2)Even when the files are not finished eMule uploads them to both clients.
  7. Try this one its 1.37GB movie magnet:?xt=urn:btih:17ec599385a2c877910081090df16f41a3529c3d&dn=Pirates%202%20-%20Stagnettis%20Revenge%20XXX%20%28Porn%20Parody%29%20DVDRip%20%5BSpiceX%5D&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com Info Hash - 17EC599385A2C877910081090DF16F41A3529C3D
  8. Yes they NEVER upload. Only by using emule as a standalone client I am able to upload at full speed. You can be sure of my words as I have kept track of my up/down stats right from day one.
  9. Sorry to disturb Eagle Sir and you all but I think all of you must listen to this carefully. The eMule Plugin Xtreme mod for BitComet does not seed the torrents that you download when connected across both platforms. BitComet will continue to seed but the eMule Plugin will not seed. In order to upload/seed in emule you need to share the directory in which a FINISHED file is present , set the upload status to high and within minutes (if it is popular enough it will begin to seed) you will find downloaders in your eMule client. That is the only way to seed in eMule...that is by using it as a
  10. When will the a new version be uploaded? Its been more than 2 years now.
  11. Hello all wonderful people and the most awesome developer team out there. I have recently downloaded the Xtreme mod of the famous eMule Plugin. The downloads are working fine green arrows are in both ed2k and Kad.However the uploading stays at zero percent on my plugin even when there are many peers with incomplete downloads. The BitComet uploading works fine. My ports are ok and I have adjusted by settings in eMule so as to optimise my download/upload speeds even then uploads queue is empty.I have downloaded several files on the plugin through BitComet still uploads are zero the eDonkey n
  12. Hello everyone and Eagle sir First of all thank you all for creating such an awesome software the one and only Bitcomet...Eagle Sir and the development team you guys rock!! I had a simple titbit to share with you all which I am sure many of you will have already noticed. The "Torrent Collection" in the left hand pane is only filled when my connection is with a Bitcomet peer who is sharing some of their torrents.However since Bitcomet is not the most popular torrent downloader out there so most of the peers that I connect to are not found to be using Bitcomet but something else. I personall
  13. Wow I never knew so much happened just for a snapshot. Anyway thanks for lettting me know. You people do a great job at the developement team and I hope you all continue to do the same. Thanks Eagle sir...u rock!
  14. Hello the awsome devveloper team and Eagle Sir, I seem to have this problem with Bitcomet 1.37 64bit Im running Windows 7 by the way. For video files (say there are more than one video files in one torrent) the snapshots are taken only for the first video on the task list. Is this only happening to me? Or others had this problem too? EAGLE I need your help.. Your the boss Thanks
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