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  1. There is also quite a lot of overhead associated with bittorrent, such as exchanging piecemaps with every other member of the swarm, whether or not you actually swap anything with them. It's never been clear whether any or all of this is included in the term, "downloaded".
  2. This is basically a Windows permissions problem, not really a BitComet problem. You'll need to find out why that folder's permssions keep resetting to "Read-Only".
  3. We've been urging BitComet to remove the Torrent Sites list, for a long time. A casual look at it reveals that it is many years out of date. It still shows Mininova, for example, and Demonoid, sites which are both shuttered. When the list WAS being maintained by anyone, updates caused lots of complaints as somebody's favorite site was removed. For FIreFox you should be able to simple delete any entry you're having problems with. You don't need ATComet involved at all. Just go directly to the site and bookmark it.
  4. I can't figure out what it's supposed to do either.
  5. BitComet is just a file transfer program. It doesn't alter or transform the files it downloads. Whatever you get out is whatever was put in. That said, you should study up on the format. .cbx files are just images in an archive. .cbz == zip archive. .cbr == RAR archive. You can probably just change the extension and feed it to your reader.
  6. Look under Options -> Advanced -> and see if bittorrent.hash_check_on_finished is set to "TRUE". If so, try setting it to "FALSE" and see if that solves the crashing problem.
  7. This error will occur if you are creating a new torrent and forgot to re-download the .torrent file you uploaded and seed with that one instead of the original one you created.
  8. Use the manual hash check to indicate whether you've got the partial download in the right place (or are pointing to the right directory as its download directory). The hash check should take some time to complete, then the "% Completed" column should show what part you've downloaded already. Just start the task. But if the hash check goes quickly and the % completed says 0% at the end, you're pointing to the wrong place.
  9. VIP acceleration has been very problematical. Unfortunately, you should expect this kind of thing when you use it. We do our best to warn people off, but there are always some who don't get the word.
  10. If no one has rated the torrent, then there will be 0 votes, and no stars.
  11. Aww, we have to start wearing goggles when we download now?!?!
  12. Unfortunately, your area has a history of it, with undersea cables being damaged and the like. You should scan the news to see if something like this has been reported, and the prognosis for getting it repaired.
  13. Well, no, that's NOT weird. Normal web surfing and downloading are coming from dedicated servers. Bittorrent is not. Bittorrent is coming from peers -- people just like you with computers like yours and connections like yours, and your speed is always dependent on how many of them there are, where they are, and whether you can connect reliably to them -- which is different for every one. This is the single biggest factor affecting your speed. It's also the one that is constantly variable, and the one that you can't do anything about.
  14. No. It already has a queueing feature that takes care of that.
  15. If you have the .torrent file, and the torrent contents, then you can make sure the contents are in the default download directory. Either move them there or change BitComet's default directory to point to where they are. Then you can load the .torrent into BitComet, but don't start the task yet. Right-click the task and choose to do a manual hash check on it. That should take some time, and the "% Downloaded" column should go to zero and slowly climb to 100%, then stop at 100. That assures that BitComet can "see" the task, so just start the task and it will begin seeding. If the hash check finishes very quickly and the "% downloaded" column says you have 0%, then you're probably pointing to the wrong directory -- not the one where the content is, at any rate. Try either moving the contents or changing the setting. If the contents are in different directories, you can change the "download" directory, which is also the upload directory, for each individual task and do this same hash check. This effectively rebuilds your task list (downloads.xml) task by task.
  16. BitComet doesn't try to verify more than one task at a time. It never has. Hash-checks are pretty disk-intensive operations, so doing more than one at once would really interfere with other operations. More on point though, I've had situations where all of the current tasks need to be rechecked (like, after a system crash). I don't have the issue you report, and they all nicely queue up to be checked one by one, then proceed when finished. Is anything else going on that might help reproduce your results?
  17. The Guides and Tutorials forum has a topic that is the place to begin.
  18. If people insist on cramming 15+ GB into a single file, then reasonable previews in bittorrent become impossible. You would simply have to wait until enough pieces are downloaded to make coherent blocks that can be played. It will take a very long time, and the fewer the uploaders, the more time that will probably take -- but that's not because anything is wrong with the transfer software. BitComet can't control the order in which pieces are offered to it. If you have a solution to that, I'm certain the developers would be delighted to hear it. It has become popular to include a small preview file with very large video downloads of high-resolution movies and broadcasts. The preview file can be quickly downloaded without downloading the main file, in order to determine content and quality. I suggest you begin encouraging people to do that with .ts files.
  19. BitComet doesn't get to dictate what loads first. BitComet has to accept whatever is being offered by other peers at the moment, that it can successfully negotiate for. If that happens to include the first parts of the file, then great, BitComet will try to load it first if asked. But if what's out there DOESN'T happen to include the first part, or it isn't available, then what is BitComet supposed to do, according to you? Stop and wait in hopes somebody comes by to offer the beginning while refusing the parts that ARE being offered, until it gets what it wants? Massively inefficient. Not gonna happen. Since .ts files are not very popular and the swarms are consequently small, this situation is quite likely to occur. Preview was never intended to be used this way and never promised to always show the file beginning at the beginning. Bittorrent transfers don't allow that. Preview is intended to let you assure yourself that the contents are the correct contents -- that it is what it says it is and is or isn't the version that you wanted; and that the quality is adequate. Preview takes what BitComet has downloaded so far, whatever that is, and does its best to "interpolate" the missing pieces. The more pieces it can get, the better, but that's entirely out of any individual client's control.
  20. Uniblue has probably changed your internet explorer settings in a way that prevents this from working. The version of IE included with BitComet is creakingly ancient, and you shouldn't really use this feature at all. Most of use or standard web-browsers instead, to find and bookmark sites. The Favorites list of sites hasn't been updated for years. You can try figuring out what Uniblue changed, or simply stop using the built-in version of IE.
  21. No viewer handles all types of files, including the default BitComet viewer. BitComet is file-transfer software, not viewing software, and its emphasis is on file transfers, not on trying to view everything. The viewer is provided for convenience and never promised to support all types of video files. If you want to view file types that the bult-in viewer does not support, then change the default viewer to one that WILL play that type of file. Options -> Advanced ui.preview.program.path set to point to whichever viewer you want to use.
  22. You just about certainly do not. If you did, you would not need a router. You have probably misunderstood your situation and should investigate carefully to determine what the truth is. If you persist in a misunderstanding of it, that will interfere greatly with trying to resolve any issue you have -- the well-known "full teacup" problem.
  23. Bittorrent clients will try to grab every bit of bandwidth that they can, if not restrained. Torrenting means that you are uploading at the same time you are downloading -- when you receive a piece of a torrent from someone else, you send that piece to other members of the swarm. This is an essential part of the process. Almost every transfer between peers requires mutual consent, and you must get in order to give. If other peers see you as an unreliable or slow source, they won't trade with you, so your download will slow to a halt very quickly. You must upload. For every TCP packet that you receive, you must send back an acknowledgement. The sender waits for that ACK to tell them that you got the last packet and are ready for the next one. If they don't get the ACK from you, then after a while they will send the previous packet again, and start waiting again. This will keep up until they get an ack from you or eventually give up and abort the transmission. Your internet connection is asymmetrical. It's faster down than up. When you are browsing the web, you are sending those ACK's back upstream for every packet that you receive. Bittorrent is sending ACK's too, in addition to what it is uploading. This all goes into your upstream connection, the slower side of things, so it can start to back up. Packets are waiting in the queue before being sent on, and this includes those ACK's. If the queue gets too long, those ACK's start expiring (they all have a limted "time to live") before they get where they're going. They die before they get there. The web site you are browsing never gets its ACK, so it sends the last packet again. You already got that packet, so there's nothing new in it. Your browser sends another ACK, but there's nothing new to display. It looks like your browser has stalled. This can also happen to the bittorrent client's own ACK's, so that it even interferes with itself. Solve this by limiting your bittorrent client's global maximum upload bandwidth, to about eighty percent of your measured upstream bandwidth. That's usually low enough to prevent the problem. You will also need to use BitComet in "No Listen Port" mode, because with your Pocket WiFi connection -- which is actually a wireless cellular or 3G connection similar to a mobile phone, you will never be able to unblock your listen port, to "become connectable". You are being blocked by an upstream firewall and won't be able to change that. It will greatly slow down your connection and interfere with your seeding. That will make it difficult to maintain a good ratio on most trackers.
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