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  1. krzyunit, please don't jump into the middle of someone else's topic, we're not sure who we're talking to. You clearly have a different problem, since you speak of an update, while the OP didn't mention any update. Please take this discussion to your own topic, not this one.
  2. Please don't post the same question multiple times. Once is enough. There is an extended discussion of this subject, complete with questions and answers, in our Guides forum.
  3. BitComet is trying to automatically resume a task, but the .torrent file is corrupted and it cannot, so it gives you this error. If you somehow know which .torrent file is the problem you can delete it directly. If you don't, then deleting the task list is the easiest way to resolve the situation. It SHOULD be enough to just delete the "downloads.xml" file once you find it as TUUS said.
  4. Basically, you play "Find the Firewall", using Process Manager's process list and google to determine what every running process on your computer actually does. Tedious, but the upside is that you usually discover a lot of garbage that you don't want, slowing you down and eating resources, along the way. I am fairly sure that model of Arris doesn't include a router, but it is worth checking first. With your router out of the loop and you able to internet normally, run the DOS command, "IPCONFIG" and look at your IPv4 address. If it's in the range of 10.xxx.xxx.xxx or 192.168.xxx.xxx then you have another issue to work out. I don't think you will be, but it's good to check.
  5. Per the forum rules, discussions of piracy are off-limits here. Topic closed.
  6. Do your testing with www.canyouseeme.org to avoid the inverted logic of most sites like GRC's. Temporarily take your router out of the loop (remembering to reconfigure your computer's network settings) and test your listen port. If it's still closed then you know you have another firewall somewhere, blocking the port. It is almost certainly a software firewall running on your computer that you don't know about. You will need to find it using Process Explorer and Google. If the port is open with the router removed, then you know you haven't correctly configured your router.
  7. There's this growing tendency for things like RealPlayer to automatically update themselves, without your knowledge or consent. Sometimes that can break things. I use a tool called "Autoruns" to frequently check what is set to automatically start on my computer, and make sure that I want it started. Java updater, no thanks. Adobe updater, no thanks. There's usually a lot of junk that does things like this, takes resources, hurts performance. Good tool.
  8. It is possible, yes. It is also forbidden by TOR. All of the bandwidth that TOR gets is donated by others. If they see that their bandwidth is being taken up by P2P, they will stop donating it, so doing this will get you thoroughly disliked by many people.
  9. It is your upload speeds that you need to pay attention to, not your download speeds. If the former are awful, the latter will become awful too. When you start downloading a torrent, everybody is willing to give you a chance, to connect to you and give you a try. Thus, your initial high upload speeds. But each peer discovers that you aren't reciprocating, that you don't upload back very fast or very reliably, so they drop you. Gradually, everybody in the swarm has given you a try and concluded that they can find faster connections to trade with. You are left with only those as slow as you yourself are, hence your pitiful speeds later.
  10. This isn't a BitComet, or even a bittorrent question. Once the files are downloaded, BitComet's job is done. You'd probably do better asking this at a PS3 forum.
  11. Files are saved in the default download directory that you choose from your BitComet settings, while you are configuring the program. That you're unaware of this suggests that you haven't configured your client to speak of. This is something you should tend to immediately. There is a configuration guide available in our Guides forum. BitComet is like FedEx or UPS. It just delivers the software/package. The contents are the shipper's responsibility. If it doesn't work, that's not BitComet or FedEx's fault.
  12. The first thing you need to do, before worrying about your listen port or anything else, is to turn your firewall back on. It's a firewall. Does that sound like a good thing to disable? Turning it off is like taking your front door off the hinges because you had some trouble with the lock. Expect your TV to disappear. Expect people you don't know to move into your living room. Expect a lot of really bad consequences. Now that you've got your firewall back on, the first thing you need to do, before worrying about your listen port or anything else, is to disinfect your system and clean out all of the nasties you let in when you took down your firewall. The first step of THAT is to get and install anti-virus software, a rootkit detector, anti-spyware and anti-malware software. Once you've got a secure system that isn't sending out email spam and participating in DDOS attacks on other systems, not to mention waiting to steal any personal information you may enter, then you can worry about getting your listen port open.
  13. The yellow light means "unknown", not "blocked". Since it's either one or the other, say "probably blocked", but subject to error. It makes a tremendous difference. Exactly how much depends on the particular swarm composition at the moment, but downloads complete in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Let's say that I'm a peer in this swarm. I've got a really fast connection, I've downloaded 60% of the movie, and I happen to be looking for new peers to connect to and trade with. Lucky you, I've picked you to try. Alas, your firewall blocks my sending to you, so you never answer me. Too bad. I'll go on to the next peer. You decide that you will try to contact me. Since my listen port is open, I receive your packet, but now I am fully busy trading with others. You'll go in my list of connections, along with the hundreds of others already there. Maybe I'll get back to you. Eventually. Shame I couldn't get you when i was ready. So, yes, pretty big difference.
  14. The Maxis web site is of the "don't worry your pretty little head over that" persuasion, so is very short on important information. I got the preliminary impression that a firewall is part of the service, thus installed upstream of you and not controllable by you. But that may not be the case. Did *they* install the Thompson gateway? If not, who did/what does it connect to?
  15. You must give in order to get. Every peer tries to connect to the fastest and most reliable peers that it can find. Each trade is a mutual decision. Because of this, every peer tends to find its own level -- the fastest exchange with the fastest, the mediocre with the mediocre, and the slow with the slow. If you are not one of the fastest and most reliable connections for this individual torrent, then you will find yourself slipping down to only those peers who can't find a better connection than you. Watch your upload speed for this torrent. If it drops below 8 KB/s, you're hopelessly slow. See if you're trying to run too many tasks at once. In this case though, where there is only one seeder, the dynamics of the swarm will be different. You may have a fast download rate at first, until you "catch up" with everyone else, waiting for new pieces from the seeder. Thereafter, all of you will proceed in lock-step as pieces from the seeder are spread among the swarm, until you all reach 100% at about the same time and become seeders yourselves. Those who start downloading afterwards will find many more seeders and will probably be able to download much faster.
  16. VIP service hasn't been a big success, and it won't help if you've already got a fast connection, which I do. I don't use VIP at all, except when I'm asked to test something. So if something big had changed at BitComet, it would have happened to me too, and I'd be yelling about it. (None of us on the tech support staff work for BitComet, we're all unpaid volunteers.) We yell pretty loud. What sounds most likely to me is that your undescribed 4G connection had somehow escaped notice and was not firewalled for some reason -- maybe a beta or prototype project.. Then somebody spotted it or finished testing, and did drop a firewall on it. That would account for your dramatic slowdown.
  17. There are several possible explanations, but the first one that jumps to mind is an audio stream encoded in a way that your stand-alone DVD player doesn'' support. Since such players are notorious for never giving you an explanation for the problem, you'll have to experiment with this on your own. In many cases, just upgrading the player will solve the problem. Blu-Ray players are getting pretty cheap, and even if you don't ever intend to use high-definition tv, they will still handle more formats and encodings than DVD players typically did. This may be the fastest, simplest, cheapest solution for you.
  18. The entire screen is pre-empted by the OTHER option, which is to set the default save directory for files with a given tag. You can EITHER engage in this dialogue to move finished files, or you can drop down to the tags dialogue and set the save directory per tag. Nothing promises you can do both. That probably could have been better thought out, but it probably "jist growed" since the features weren't added at the same time, as you mentioned, so likely nobody looked at the whole process. Either way, that does need to be done, the whole process considered and not just the band-aid suggested.The underlying conflict needs to be resolved. A redesign is required.
  19. Not without a much better explanation of why you can't simply copy the files to it. Obviously there is some impediment, but you give no idea of what that might be.
  20. There's no such thing as a "main seeder". There is the original seeder, but you have no way of knowing whether he's still around or not. This torrent could have been made years ago, and kept itself alive all this time by successive "generations" of seeders, that original seeder long gone. Before Demonoid went down, I had torrents that I posted six years ago, that were still going strong on their own. No one, even the original creator of a torrent, can modify it afterwards. Any modifications will be rejected by every torrent client. If you could find the original creator, he couldn't do anything about this anyway. Your only real choice is to make a new torrent and let them compete with each other.
  21. If you connect via 4G then you are almost certainly firewalled at the tower, and cannot become connectable. No matter what you do, unsolicited inbound traffic is blocked upstream of you by that firewall. You won't be able to get this changed. The firewall is there to block unwanted traffic to mobile phones. People get really ticked when they find all of their minutes used up by advertisements, etc., so that's not going to get unblocked.
  22. I can't really agree, Wiz, that the IF says it will deliver that, or that it can be clearly classed as a bug. Say rather that they are alternative ways of moving files, and lemondeal wants them to be complimentary.
  23. I'm afraid that isn't an option. You could request it but I don't recall anyone ever asking for this before, so don't know that it would be very popular.
  24. This is set forth in great detail in our Guides and Tutorials forum. Your problem was caused by failing to set a static IP address between your computer and your modem/router combo. (The router functions on both the wired and wireless connections, there is no essential difference in the connections. You do not bypass the router when you use a wired connection.) When your router lost the connection and regained it, then the IP address it assigned to your computer was changed -- because it is a dynamic address assignment. This is a commonplace occurrence with the default network setup. It is merely a matter of fortune that your current settings continued to work for as long as they did. Portforward.com has supplemental instructions for most brands of routers and most applications. One of its admonitions, in bold print, is not to overlook setting a static IP address in your computer's network settings, but for some reason, many people just ignore that step to their eventual sorrow.
  25. Padding files can always be ignored. They contain no content. When a .torrent is created, all of the files are compiled together with no regard to their boundaries. The whole is then chopped up into many thousands of equally-sized pieces. This means that for most files, the end of that file and the beginning of the next file span one piece. This fact has created issues in the past. Those padding files are just fillers to pad out the end, so that the file boundary and piece boundary align again. Unfortunately, most of the other clients out there chose to reject, rather than embrace this solution, apparently because they weren't the ones to think of it. Some morons even call the padding files "spam". Current versions of BitComet don't do this anymore, and haven't for quite a long time. They just ignore the problem.
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