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  1. Nope, it won't, sorry. The way VIP Acceleration is set up right now, it doesn't take into account anything already downloaded by other means. It certainly should, but doesn't. Your account will (probably) say you used up 16GB. If so, you should contact Queenie to request an adjustment. You should also keep that in mind for the future, until they get 'round to improving it.
  2. This sure sounds like the task isn't actually being stopped. It's possible to misunderstand some of the settings, to achieve this effect. Take a look at Options -> Appearance -> Actions Notice that you have a settable choice about what the CLOSE and MINIMIZE buttons do. If you have CLOSE set to "Minimize to tray", and don't realize that, you can click the CLOSE button and think you are terminating the application, when you are really just sending it to the system tray. It will continue to run from there, and will show up in Process Explorer or Task Manager. I suspect this is what may have happened, tails1. Take a look at some of the other options, you may find choices that you want.
  3. That's basically, "keep seeding 'til I remember to check and stop it.". Works, but is not ideal, especially if you have other seeds waiting their turn.
  4. BitComet's maximum time to seed has been arbitrarily topped at 1,000 minutes, or 16 hours and change. There are sites that require seeding to a minimum ratio (which is almost never achieved) or a minimum seeding time of 48 hours. BitComet could easily accommodate this by raising the maximum seed time. There's no good reason that I can see for the arbitrary limit of 1,000. If there has to be a maximum below the field datatype, it should be at least 10,000 minutes.
  5. What??? What's "the voice bitcomet"?
  6. Options -> Advanced -> ui.preview_program_path Change it to point to your preferred viewer. Try the freeware VLC player from videolan.org.
  7. Ah. Never got into high-end video. But I have never had any problem with torrents that were much larger than 10 GB, though the individual files were much smaller. It should not make a difference, since bittorrent is really oblivious to files within a torrent. (80 GB for a high-res movie. Oy!)
  8. "Forbidden" is not accurate, and it sounds as if the user has violated a rule or done something wrong. In most cases the message should be "VIP acceleration, a prepaid service, is not currently enabled on your account. Please contact the forum administrator if you feel this is in error." That covers "you haven't paid for it yet", "your subscription has expired", and "you were sent a refund per your request", all in one message and without seeming to accuse anyone of anything, and suggests something for them to do about it if they think there's a legitimate problem. Bear in mind that not everyone is going to know that this is a paid service (the ad does not say so!), and can discover VIP "by accident" through exploring BitComet, without even knowing that they are supposed to pay for VIP until they get this message. We need to be polite to those people.
  9. Sabrips, Vista will just barely run in 2GB of memory. That's really tiny, and I suspect it's probably causing your system to run in the page file. That will really slow things down. If BitComet (or any other bittorrent client) can't effectively buffer its data in memory, then it is forced to write to disk, ready or not. Now both are competing for the disk. As cheap as RAM is now, I really suggest you upgrade. Take it to at least 8 GB if you can. A flyer from my local electronic megamart offers 8 GB Corsair for US$25, and you should be able to find some locally or on the net for about that price too.
  10. Out of curiosity, what sort of file is that big? (I imagine that would make most systems cough and stutter.)
  11. You would need a tool like unix sendmail, a command-line tool that accepts the needed paramters, probably from a named file. It must be a command-line tool. You would have BitComet execute that tool instead of the antivirus scan after the end of every download. You could not limit it to some downloads but not others, it will have to be all or none. If the above doesn't make sense to you, you won't be able to do this without a lot more skull sweat. Nobody's going to teach you sendmail, you'll need to teach yourself.
  12. In order for you to seed (upload), there must be somebody on the other end trying to leech (download) -- although the term "leecher" is deprecated these days, too pejorative. Therefore, the first consideration is, what's the peer situation for this torrent? It's quite common, especially on private trackers, for there to be a great many seeders and few or no peers. All of those seeders are looking for somebody to give a byte to. When a peer does come along, he's in paradise and has his pick of the fastest and best of all those seeders. If you're not one of them, you probably won't get a shot at uploading to him. He quickly gets the whole torrent. Now he becomes another seeder and more competition for you. Trying to seed into peer ratios like (40/0) is pretty hopeless.
  13. Installing an update (or downdate, for that matter) isn't a problem. You'll need to shut down the client, natch. Then just overwrite it. All of the tasks are contained in external files that won't be affected by the change. Restart the client and it should all pick up right where it left off. We've all done this many times.
  14. Sorry, gphxlor, but 4G phones are firewalled at the cell tower, and there's no way to get an open listen port on them. This is true for most kinds of wireless connection including microwave, radio, satellite and cell-modem. You will have to operate in no-listen-port mode (much slower, but still works) or get a different sort of connection.
  15. Before we get into that, I'd like you to test your system's memory. The problem you describe could well be caused by that, and it may be that it takes a larger download before anything actually uses that RAM. Bittorrent clients put stress on a system in unusual ways, and they sometimes get blamed as the cause, when they are just a victim of another problem.
  16. Turning off your firewall is like taking your front door off the hinges because you had trouble with the lock. Expect your TV and stereo to go walkabout. Expect people you'd rather not associate with to move into your living room. Seriously, expect your identity to go walking out the door, and your computer to be used for sending spam and participating in DDOS attacks. It takes more time for you to take a shower than it does to have your computer infected and zombied with no firewall to stop it. Turn your firewall back on. Now disinfect your computer thoroughly. Antivirus, spybot S&D, rootkit, antimalware. See if you can borrow a whiteboard at a local school somewhere. On it, write "I will not connect to the internet without a working firewall", 500 times.
  17. BTGuard will also cripple your download speed, because you will not be able to become connectable using that service. This will also inhibit your seeding, which will harm your attempts to keep an acceptable ratio at most private trackers. BTGuard tells you this is an *advantage*, that being connectable is *dangerous*. Both are a pile of nonsense. BTGuard is making money off of fear. If the cops come calling, demanding records, and BTGuard's options are "you or them", what do you think they're going to do? If you answered "roll over on their customers so fast it'll make your head swim", you win the prize.
  18. Ask yourself, "what is Thunder"? What's Xunlei all about? Now ask yourself, "what's the BitComet plugin all about"? Right. They are direct competitors. They're both browser plugins that handle multiple protocols, not in Firefox anymore, but in 3rd-party applications (BitComet or Xunlei). So it sure sounds like you're asking for a Ford to give you a Chevrolet plugin for Firefox. Wrong place to ask. And given the huge number of other plugins that xunlei wants to install, I wouldn't have it on my own system anyway. "thunder//" links aren't something new. They're pointers to existing links of other protocols. If the application can recognize that other protocol (say, http or ftp or even flv) then it can process the download, but this isn't an 'extra' feature of the plugin. Even flvdownloader can process detectable thunder:// links. But that's a pretty big "If". (If you've never seen a "thunder:// link", it's because you're not in China. They're not used anywhere else in the world. I had to go and research them since oxyandy didn't bother to say anything about them.) Where, exactly, do you 'manually copy paste a " thunder:// " link and paste into " HTTP/FTP Download "'?
  19. It only takes one scrape of the tracker to get yours (and everyone else's) IP address. There is no purpose served by "tracing" it, absolutely no need to do so. The MPAA doesn't ever even need to connect to you. Once they have your IP address, they can use one of several registries to find out who that IP belongs to. Now that they know your ISP. I can use the provisions of the DMCA law to require your ISP to contact you with the standard threatening letter. People need to understand that FINDING guilty parties has never been the slightest problem for the MPAA. They can find them by, literally, the millions with a very little bit of effort. The MPAA's problem now is, what do you do with them? You do not understand the network or bittorrent nearly well enough to manage your network manually. It is entirely normal for a number of peers to share every available piece of a torrent, then all stop at the same spot (say, 99.4%) waiting for the last piece which isn't available to any of them. We typically see this when the torrent-maker included constantly-changing files like "desktop.ini" in the torrent. (Since they have changed, they'll never pass the hash-check created when the torrent was made.) This also frequently happens with "spoiler" torrents, seen mostly for new popular movies and albums -- they are never intended to finish, they are intended to waste your time and frustrate you. There was a FAQ topic, or possibly a post in the Guides forum, abut this which you should read. Banning peers is a completely futile gesture, as is Peer Guardian.
  20. This is very much the wrong place to request Firefox plugin features. You at least want to do this on the mozilla forum.
  21. In that circumstance (where the internet connection comes with the facility, such as in a dormitory, hotel, office or hostel), the connection is distributed via a private, usually firewalled, router and there is normally no way to do anything about it. In that case, you cannot unblock any ports or have a static address assigned to you. (If you know the adminstrator you might be able to persuade them to do this for you, but MOST administrators will have no idea what you're talking about, won't know how, don't want to know, and won't do any such thing. If they've hired an outside administrator who only shows up when there's a problem (also very common), then they won't usually do this either. That means you'll basically have to run BitComet in "No Listen Port" mode.
  22. Me, I'm pushing 60 real hard. When everyone in the thread says, "don't worry about it", maybe you should stop worrying about it.
  23. You are in a very large school of fish. Odds are very much against your being eaten. However, predators do continue to survive, so knowing the odds isn't much comfort to the fish that get eaten. There is no 100% safe way to do this.
  24. AFAIK, you can't. But if you continue to visit that url, it will climb back up the list in popularity. If there are others in that list that you never visit or never will again, do the same thing to them to get rid of them. That should speed up the process.
  25. First guess is that there's a resource conflict. I don't know what "KOC" is, but if it's an online game, it may be that it's taking over your connection and using up all of your bandwidth. See if there's a game setting to keep it from doing that.
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