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  1. You will have to break down and do some reading if you want to understand the reasons. Seeders never have green faces, for the reasons that Wiz and I have already explained above. Green faces are for leechers. Yellow means that somebody doesn't want anything from the other party. As a seeder, you never want anything from the other party because you've already got it all. You're kind of obsessing over this.
  2. Calling the moderators and fellow members liars is disrepectful and won't be tolerated, on this or any other forum. (You, yourself are getting pretty close to that line.) Check your history again. And again, since there's nothing new here, just whining about the past, this topic is likewise closed.
  3. Because, as the original post in this thread plainly shows, it works sometimes. Then somebody like you comes along and says, "it doesn't work" in the same thread, pretty much destroying your own credibility. It worked for them. How come you can't get it to work for you? If it worked for them, that's "real indication that it will work", Sure sounds like the problem's on your end, doesn't it? Does it work well enough? I don't think so. Just about all of the support staff doesn't think so. We've made our opinions abundantly clear to all -- including that we don't think most people should try it, and that if they do anyway, they should think of it as a donation to the development. How many times do we have to say that? Since you have nothing to add, nothing to move the discussion forward, this topic is closed.
  4. A normal Verizon home account is not firewalled. You will need to get your listen port open, which means finding the firewall(s) that are blocking it. Our Guides and Tutorials section has extensive discussion on how to do this, along with many examples.
  5. Are you similarly uncommunicative, hafezsaadi?
  6. No-one here is going to be familiar with Vuze. You'd probably do better asking at their support forum, if they have one.
  7. It's an optional setting, but when the download is finished, BitComet will run a final hash-check of the whole torrent. Anything that slipped past anyway, gets weeded out here. It's pretty unusual for much to slip past, but damage to the stored download will do the same thing and will look like this.
  8. Have you heard the truth about Galileo, rafysultan? The church is supposed to have punished him for his heretical theories. But the truth is, they weren't his theories. Other people, particularly Nicolaus Copernicus, published the idea that the Earth wasn't the center of the solar system, decades before Galileo was born, and Copernicus was a churchman -- as were MOST of the early astronomers. They were the only ones who had the time to sit and observe the stars by night. The church ignored Copernicus' book for something like 70 or 80 years. One cardinal wrote a refutation much later, but it was never published. It was referred to in Galileo's trial. The truth about Galileo Galilei is that he was what would, today, be called a complete horse's a**. You couldn't just disagree with him, you had to be either evil or stupid if you did, and Galileo called you both, publicly. One of the people, a former friend, who did express some uncertainty, happened to be the Pope, and Galileo published a pamphlet calling the pope a fool, a jackass, and similar endearments. (I've known people like this.) The mighty Inquisition took umbrage, and brought Galileo into durance vile. But rather than burn the heretic at the stake for daring to challenge Holy Writ (not that there really was any), the Inquisition's sentence on the hapless astronomer was, "Galileo, go to your room and don't come out until you learn how to behave in public -- at least well enough not to call the Pope a pig-f***** in public.". Galileo never did learn, so he spent the rest of his life under a very comfortable house arrest, not allowed to publish any more pamphlets. Galileo died without ever managing to understand that it was not his theories, it was his stinking bad manners, his inability to behave in a civilized fashion, that landed him in trouble. You can express your displeasure with the VIP system to your heart's content. (Lord knows we on the staff have!) But what you cannot do is call either the staff or the other members liars, and you cannot tell us what we "must" do. Both of those are beyond the pale and will get your a** booted off -- not because of your theories, but because of your stinking bad manners. You may not behave that way on this forum.
  9. There are other clients. I recommend that you try utorrent, princesamuel. They and we would both be happier.
  10. The TOR project has also specifically requested that people not try to use TOR for P2P transfers.
  11. Ironically though, there have been no significant or important changes to the basic bittorrent protocol since then, so it is a fully functional client. And it is extremely stable.
  12. I don't quite see the point of this. In situations with multiple trackers, any one of them has what they all have -- everybody else has the same list of trackers and is on that list. What's the point of updating one but not the others? I also don't get what you mean by "cancelling each others out".
  13. It certainly shouldn't be necessary, and normally isn't. Something else must be going on. You may want to use Process Explorer to see whether you've got two instances of BitComet running.
  14. This is usually due to a bad shutdown such as a system crash or just closing the program window. If BitComet doesn't go through an orderly shutdown, it doesn't know what state its tasks are in and must do the hash-check in order to find out. Let the system do the shutdown if you're turning things off or rebooting. If you're just stopping BitComet for some reason, use the exit button.
  15. If something is going wrong, the client will usually tell you. Keep an eye on the various tabs below.
  16. AT&T never blocks ports on their wired connections, so you don't have to worry about that. TO start, you should connect your PC directly to the Westell, and get your listen port open there. You don't need to open all the ports or anything like that, just the one listen port. If you are using WIndows firewall, configure BitComet to automatically manage it. Now you need to make absolutely certain that you don't have another software firewall running. This isn't easy. They don't announce themselves. A lot of software comes with firewalls, so you'll need to examine every running process in Task Manager, to make sure it isn't a firewall. You have to get this bit sorted before moving on to the Netgear.
  17. Pristine2, having failed to learn that he has no right to judge us, insult us or tell us what to do, has indeed been banned. His failure to understand that his boorish manners won't be tolerated, have earned him this. The message that began this thread was a report of success using VIP acceleration, the very think he denied as ever happening. Reasonable complaints are one thing, but these were far from that. Any other forum would have kicked him several messages ago.
  18. You said its while you are playing DVD's. I should have noticed that. This is how DVD's work, as opposed to video files. You can't really rewind a DVD on a standalone player either. This is mostly a limitation of DVD drives, they're not designed to do this. You'd have to rip the DVD into a computer file.
  19. Use the hotkeys for this. They are basically the right arrow for rewind, and the left arrow for forward, modified by the Ctrl and ALT keys for bigger jumps. You can change this in the program options if you wish.
  20. You can and should use your regular web browser to view these sites. The browser incorporated into BitComet is an ancient version of Internet Explorer, and many people just don't use it at all. Your regular browser can bookmark the sites you like, and you already know how to use it, so it's a better experience all around.
  21. You can move your entire user profile off of C: and to wherever you want, subject to caveats. Or you can just move %appdata% and put a link in its place. Given that a lot of programs use %appdata%, this is probably a good idea in your situation, but given that a lot of programs use %appdata%, this does partially defeat the whole idea of deepfreeze. In my experience, a lot of malware gets written into %appdata%, and moving it off C: means that deepfreeze would no longer protect against that malware. It's really meant to keep systems in a known state, preventing anybody from installing anything on them permanently. It's not very suitable for a home system.
  22. You still think you have a right somehow to ask anything of me or any other volunteer? You don't. You don't have the right to judge me or anyone else. You haven't contributed a thing yourself, pristine. In fact, you're just a whiner. You didn't even volunteer to help test, you've only complained and complained. You haven't even bothered to read the forum, where the things you complain are missing, are plainly spelled out. You're quite a bit over the boundary of permissible manners here, pristine. You've all but called me a liar, which is ample grounds for booting you off the forum. If you've got something reasonable to say, you'd best say it, because you are very close to getting yourself banned. We don't need or want your attitude, your incredible sense of entitlement, your arrogance or your bad manners. I'm a pretty tolerant guy, but you're over the line, and I'll kick your a** out in a heartbeat.
  23. Kevin, please don't necropost in long-dead topics, and don't post random messages that don't mean anything.
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