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  1. You'll need to figure out what you changed between the times that it does work, and the times that it doesn't. You should also be looking at the system logs to see if you can spot a reason for the crashes.
  2. You don't need the port triggering at all and can delete that rule. As you have set up the forwarding rule, your computer must be at the IP address that you are forwarding the port to, and that address must be on that network. Since you have set it up as 122.100.xxx.xxx, it is almost certainly NOT on the network. The networks' addresses are going to be in the 192.168.xxx.xxx or 10.xxx.xxx.xxx blocks -- those chiefly reserved for private LANs. Your computer should also have an IP address in the appropriate block, and it must be a static address. Your router has a WAN side, and a LAN side, and it does network address translations between the two. From the computer, the router is its gateway to other networks, but it cannot see them. All it can see is the LAN, at one of those two reserved blocks. The 122.100.xxx.xxx address is WAN side. You don't mess with that, it's assigned by your provider. Find the LAN-side address for your router. This will be the address you use to configure it. Typically, it will be something like You willl typically be using a netmask of Put that together with the router's base address and all of the devices on your LAN will have addresses that start with 192.168.1 and the final number of the quad will be between 0 and 255. We generally don't use the 0 address. That still leaves you with 255 numbers to play with. Very few people have 255 devices that need network connections. Your router itself is taking up the first one. You can set your computer up to take the last one, that's In your network settings, adapter properties, Internet Protocol Version 4 properties, uncheck "Obtain an IP address automatically", and instead fill in your computer's address, your netmask, and your gateway address. For now use the gateway address for your first DNS server and leave the second blank. Edit your router's rule to point to your computer's IP address as you've just set it up. Now your listen port should be open.
  3. I have had it work for me a couple of times, before I got my current connection. I was impressed with it when it did work. That was, however, seldom. Now, I have a very fast connection and wouldn't expect it to help me. As for substantiation, I don't owe you any. I don't have to show you anything, or prove anything to you. I don't know where you get the notion that you're entitled to demand anything of any of us, One last time now: we are not BitComet. We are volunteers donating our time for the benefit of others. We do not answer to you. We don't even answer to BitComet. If you aren't happy with the situation you can get your money back. Period. That is all you have any right to ask. Given that the "donations" have been trivial, that most people who got the service at all were given it -- a reward for long-time users which I can't help noticing you are not -- and a lot of requests that it be made available to others who wanted to try it but didn't have the longevity to get the free offer. Whoever asks for a refund, gets it. That leaves a pretty trivial amount of money in the kitty to support ongoing development -- ALSO a volunteer effort, really not even getting beer money. Where do you get off, criticizing that effort or those people? What have YOU done to assist in any of this, to help either the community or the forum? What have you done besides just b**** and demand? Where do you come by this bloated sense of sheer entitlement? Who made YOU the netcop, to tell us what to do or what deadlines of yours they have to meet? Go jump, not to put too fine a point on it, in a lake.
  4. You're right, I overlooked that. Now the question is, "which file?", and I suspect that it's the .torrent file. You may be running afoul of virtual storage here, but that would mean things changed. On the other hand SOMEthing must have changed or you wouldn't be having these issues. So I suggest you do a complete uninstall of BitComet, including deleting the program directory and all of its contents, as well as any BitComet folder in %appdata%, then reinstalling from scratch. This should take care of all of the possible issues including wonky permissions and corrupt files.. You'll lose your task list, but it's not working anyway. You'll also lose all of your options, but it's not that hard to set them back up.
  5. VIP acceleration is what it is. Many people, apparently including you, jump into it without understanding it, and with unrealistic (not to say impossible) expectations of it. Of course it cannot exceed the maximum speed of your internet connection, and if you ever thought it could, you didn't begin to understand it. Some people do win the lottery. VIP acceleration does work sometimes, though too seldom. Those who don't have absurd notions about it can see what it could be -- a truly anonymous P2P service, that transfers files at download -- as opposed to bittorrent -- speeds. It benefits those with slower connections, by putting them on an equal footing with the fastest connections. It's a new service, a new idea, in development that's being funded by the developers. It will happen if, when and as. This has never been presented as anything but a trial and a beta, with people warned that they should consider any purchase as a contribution to its development. This has been explained and covered enough times now that those who are still complaining have only themselves to blame, especially if they can't even be bothered to request a refund.
  6. There are no upload or download lights. There are "logged-in", "DHT Connected" and "Port status" lights. WiMax connections, like almost all wireless connections of whatever sort, are firewalled by a WiMax router. There is nothing you can do about this except get a different kind of connection. You will have to operate in "No Listen Port" mode, which will slow down, but not prevent, bittorrent transfers. Disabling a firewall is a terrible idea. Fortunately, WiMax has saved you from yourself.
  7. Options -> Task -> Long-Time Seeding You can disable it if you wish.
  8. Please do not ask the same question in multiple forums, and especially not in forums for other topics. Once, in the correct forum, is sufficient. Topic closed.
  9. That is pretty much what has been said. Not much profit in repeating it.
  10. This may just be a temporary server error or problem. These are usually cleared up within a day or so.
  11. Sure there is. Just buy it. That's very easy. You either spend money, or effort -- in this case, mental effort. One way or another, everything has a price.
  12. The most obvious thing to check is your default download directory, in your settings. If it doesn't exist, BitComet will try to create it but subject to your operating system -- which you didn't specify in spite of a request in the READ BEFORE POSTING sticky topic, that you do so. It must not refer to a nonexistent drive or contain illegal characters.
  13. Moved to the Discussions forum, as this is not a torrent issue. Please read and comply with the "Read Before Posting" requirements. Have you read the FAQ topic on this subject, reconfigured your client after the move, and assured that your listen-port is open?
  14. One report in that forum is sufficient. THIS forum is for introducing yourself. It is not necessary to post the same issue in multiple fora.
  15. Generally, videos that come with their own special codecs are bad news, and I automatically reject them. They are typically adware at best, sometimes spyware or trojans. Try to uninstall this if you can,
  16. There's been a lot of discussion about this elsewhere. The site name has be set to a reflector. The .com site no longer resolves at all. There are conflicting reports in the dutch and ukranian press, both taking credit for shutting the site down. TorrentFreak published an article about some of this, indicating a recent exodus of the staff. Sounded to me like the owner had alienated everyone else, so they sabotaged him and hit the site with a DDOS attack. What the true state of affairs is, nobody knows. Demonoid has gone away and come back before, so I hope the site can do this again.
  17. Try this with the equivalent version of FireFox. If you still have issues, then they are almost certainly with the underlying Firefox code and the solution should be pursued in their fora and, of course, with the manufacturer of the web cam.
  18. No, there wouldn't be a topic about this. You lose us at your second sentence: there's nothing here at cometforums for you to download. It seems that you are conflating us with a bittorrent site elsewhere, which we are not. We are only a support site for the BitComet bittorrent client. We don't provide any torrents for anyone to download here, or provide a mechanism for commenting. Your difficulties all seem to be with that other site, whatever it is, and not with even BitComet. From that message, I take it that you don't remember your password at that site, and that you can't recover it, so have tried to create a new account, but cannot see the 'captcha' verification. In order to get past this, I suggest changing web browsers, at least just for the registration process, and see if you can see the 'captcha' then. If you still cannot, then there may be some way to contact someone at the site, or occasionally at an associated IRC channel, that you can mention the problem to and see if they have a solution.
  19. You started by posting in the wrong forum. This is the correct forum. Please read the sticky topic, "READ BEFORE POSTING" and comply with it. Have you configured your client correctly? Your explanation about why you think it can't be a configuration problem, frankly makes no sense. You may want to try that again.
  20. They're down. This has nothing to do with BitComet, or with anyone else but them, really.
  21. You aren't too good at expressing yourself, and we're all very doubtful that we understand what you mean. Let me explain a little bit about how bittorrent works. Once the torrent file has been created, the creator's job is not over. Far from it. First, the creator must upload the torrent to the tracker that it was created for. If I create a torrent for, say, Demonoid, and I then try to upload it to MyAnonymouse, the Mouse's tracker will just reject it because it doesn't include their tracker information. I either just upload it to demonoid, or else I make a new torrent with the Mouse's tracker information and then upload the new torrent to the mouse. Once I have the torrent uploaded, my job is just beginning. That torrent file is a little bitty thing, a few KB in size. It can't contain a whole movie or whatever. So now I have to seed that torrent and keep seeding it until other peers have downloaded the whole thing. That will take me hours, days, weeks, depending on how big the torrent is. Everything that the other peers download, I must first upload at least once. Once I do upload a piece, they spread it around among themselves, but I have to upload it to at least one of them first. The torrent upload includes only the files listed in the torrent, nothing else. It's nothing like eDonkey or gnutella, where others can "see" what's in my directory. It's only the contents of this particular torrent, and only when and as I choose to seed it..
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