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  1. Well it seems like it only worked with one file. I tried about 20 others, but they wouldn't play even when forced through vlc on my computer. Was there a change of any sort since before the Chinese New Years, because everything was working fine before then. Some connections took a couple minutes longer, but I never had a file not complete to 100% before then.
  2. Ok you were right, the files all have the .mp4 extension and I can get them to run by forcing them to play through vlc. However, is there a way to change the extension or appearance so that it no longer has the bitcomet icon for the file? Also, while I can force it to play on my computer through vlc, it's not recognized as an mp4 when used on my ps3 or xbox. Is there any way to make that possible? Thanks for your help.
  3. I, like many others, had issues around the Chinese New Years, where I would keep getting server error when trying to login to my account on bitcomet. Before then, VIP worked perfectly. I hadn't tried it again until last night when I noticed that now, no matter what file I download, the file starts off speedily and then gets to about 98-99% and just stops. These are all links with 1-2k seeds. I've tried turning off VIP and anonymous and downloading the file, it does it immediately with no issues at all. Tried the same files on another client, worked flawlessly. This leads me to believe it's som
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