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  1. Just downloaded latest BC & thought I'd introduce myself :) As you can probably tell by my screen name, I'm into downloading Torrents of "Naughty things" as it were so it's doubtful I'll be on very many well known Torrent sites (Certainly no kiddie or G-Rated ones :D LOL !!) but I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself anyhow :) Cheers :) PC Naughty Boy
  2. With all kinds of Torrent sites popping up EVERY DAY on the Internet for just about anything imaginable, I would think it's almost virtually impossible for the Dev Team to keep up with them all (Hence the listing of only a few well known ones) To solve this, I would suggest an ADD SITE feature With this feature, all one would need to do is simply enter the site name into a wizard just as if they were entering it into a web browser (AKA piratebay.org if one one wanted to add Pirate Bay to their list) & then click an AUTO DETECT SERVER CONFIGURATION button which would provide BitComet the neccessary info. needed to communicate with that site The user would also a display name to the site which was just added which would be shown in the GUI Thoughts ?? Cheers :) PC Naughty Boy
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