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  1. :) it says i need a Invitation code bcuz the registration is not available at the moment.....but it's ok cuz i'm downloading it at btjunkie ...thanks
  2. so i made a gif it's only 20 frames not much.... i used microsoft GIF animator . how can i change the speed of the GIF's that i make?
  3. ok thanks that worked......... but i am using microsoft gif animator....i put the scene from the movie that i want in, but it's always not in order do you know of an easy gif animater program that i can use?
  4. an image that is in png format and change it to a gif format ? anyone know?
  5. biggbaa

    bad moon

    is it edonkey.com? cuz i just went there and it says that the site does not exist any longer
  6. biggbaa

    bad moon

    :( i cannot find a download of my favorite movie bad moon it came out in 1996 i looked on every torrent site that their is, can anyone suggest something please, i really want this movie
  7. ok thanks for 4 the info :)
  8. i downloaded the pc game clue the board game , and i had to burn the images to 1 disc , and i tried installing it, but i get an error message saying...... an error ocurred during the move data process :- 117 and the download is only 129 mb..........does anyone have an idea of what the problem is?
  9. did you right-click your download and it asked you to remove task, or remove task and all files? and you selected all files, is that what happened? :huh:..........if so you cannot restore them you have to download again ps: if you remove task and nothing else it will be where your bitcomet downloads will go, most likely your local disk ...but if you remove task & all files you CANNOT! restore them, they are gone, that is the whole point of bitcomet giving you an option wether to remove only the task or the task and the files from the download.........dawin45
  10. biggbaa


    people make mistakes, plain and simple can't be rude for stuff like that, especially for something that little i understand that cassie along with others on this forum that give info are pretty much numb to answering the same question over and over again, but their is a right way to go about it and a wrong way to go about it , this is just my 2 cents does not matter if you agree with me thats just how i feel about it. ps: dark_shroud....not replying is not intended to hurt the poster, by not replying says it's just not worth my time ;)
  11. my cat was on top of my computer and jumped on the keyboard , now the screen is sideways, what do i press to to make it normal again? please help ps: nevermind i figured it out
  12. biggbaa


    he/she is a beginner with 1 post give that person a break, and he/she didn't even reply cuz cassie was being rude :rolleyes: ps: i myself would not have replied <_<
  13. biggbaa


    you don't have to be sarcastic .......all you had to say was I NEED MORE INFO . KINDA RUDE <_<
  14. it didn't work but it's okay, i'll just find another game to download :)
  15. i've tried that already, but i can try it again B)
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