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  1. Hi DR, I really don't know what you mean with "log in" and "register" when using BitComet. For using BitComet there is no "log in" or "register" function. The use is free for everybody. Are you mixing up Torrent Websites and the BitComet application? Petch01
  2. I don't think you choose "remove task only". I think your mouse cursor slipped to "remove task & all files" because a torrent file doesn't have any folders with *.rar or *.jpg files. A torrent file is a very small info file with a size of 30-200 KB. Because you deleted it (with BitComet as application), as far as I know, your downloaded files cannot be retrieved. Petch01
  3. Try to change the priority instead of low (default) to normal or high for finished files. How to do that? Right-click the torrent, click priority and make your choice. Petch01
  4. When "time left" shows 99:99:99, it means that downloading that (big) file will take more that 100 hours as the product of dowload speed and file-size. Petch01
  5. Try to use ONLY single-port forwarding (don't know if that's the name in your modem/router), not port-triggering. Check with http://www.canyouseeme.org/ whether the port is indeed open. Good luck. Petch01
  6. I have a Dare Global DB120 modem router hooked up (in bridge-mode) at a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with HyperWRT firmware. Running XP, Avast, Peerguardian, Sygate and BitComet 0.70. This configuration is rock solid. Petch01
  7. Hi Metal, I assume you're connected to a router. In the past you haven't had any problems, you wrote. Did the administrator of the router changed settings in port forwarding? Anyway try this, - disable ip.filter - disable setting 2,3 and 4 in connections. Petch01
  8. Hi Slothmaster and the others, Try the next things. - disable XP Firewall and use another such as Sygate, Kerio, etc. - disable the settings in BitComet related to ICF (settings 2,3 and 4 in "connection") - disable IP.filter and use Peergardian 2 Petch01
  9. gamemonkey, How can you get more that 40 peers if there are only 40 peers in the swarm? A swarm is the community with members that has the file or want it. SO, THAT'S WHY. Petch01
  10. More info please. -connection? -client? -modem? router? -port forwarding? -remotes & locals? etc. Petch01
  11. This specific telephone adaptor can according to the documentation. http://www.abptech.com/pdf/sipura/SPA-2100.pdf You should read the maunual if you have one or get one on the internet. Petch01
  12. With a topic title like that I don't think you'll attract a lot of readers. What ever. Have a look at the Settings Guide. http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=2569 Petch01
  13. Your BitComet settings are as adviced in the Settings Guide elsewhere on this board. They are the same settings I use. I'm using a Linksys WRT54GLV1.1 with HyperWRT 2.1b1 + Thibor 15c firmware. My modem works in bridge mode with the WRT. I have a rock solid bittorrent connection regarding the WRT and modem combination. I tell this explicit because my ISP often has problems, not my modem or router. Below the status report of the WRT. I have a 125/62.5 KB/s connection. Uptime : 11 days, 23:54:31 System Load : 0.38 / 0.24 / 0.22 LAN (rx/tx) : 25.23 G (23.66 K/s) 67.33 G (105.79 K/s) WLAN (rx/tx) : 36.32 M (0.00 K/s) 1.46 G (0.00 K/s) WAN (rx/tx) : 67.29 G (105.64 K/s) 27.15 G (26.27 K/s) Give some more info if you like. Perhaps I can help you a little further. Petch01
  14. What I read from your very brief post could indicate that another application is using that specific port. Use ports > 40000 For a more thorough answer please report what connection, OS, modem, router, etc. Petch01
  15. Try BitComet 0.70 I have a 1024/512. BitComet 0.70 works like a rock for me. I have set the settings as advised in The Settings Guide on this board. Some minor changes applied. Petch01
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