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  1. It's true, you're right about the fact that the points do not serve to buy beer, although the idea of "the-unusual-suspect", ie to use them to buy virtual items is nice and interesting. But it is also true that noone of those who, like me, keep the computer turned on 24/7 for 10 years are paid. So tell me, considering the diminishing supply of torrents, and the increasing supply of high-quality streaming of all kinds, at increasingly bargain price(up to 5EUR monthly without limits), and above all available immediately and just when you want.....what else remains, with the exception of a few more and more suffered torrents a month, if we exclude this little fun. Please, forgive me all, but this is unfortunately the harsh truth, at least in my area.
  2. There is something that does not convince me: for many months now, despite the high upload, I increase of only 20 points a day; but if this were the same for everyone, the ranking should be the same. well, although I'm always connected 24/7 I have "dropped" from 706 to 734(ranking). how is it possible? It seems obvious that in some areas the situation is different. I'm Gianni, from italy.
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