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  1. well I did the update to 1.54 and it fixed it for 1 day now back to the same thing have tried everything but no fix so please fix this issue for all asap thank you
  2. I am also facing this issue ''comet id not exists'' but yesterday all fine and can log on site and forum to ask why and how to fix but I see no solutions just same issues . so please post a solution for us all thank youi have had account since 2005 thank you all .😵 version 1.53 64 bit
  3. I have same issue and updated to 138 64 bit and changed my password but still nothing never had this problem since 2005 how to fix help. thank you :o
  4. you can use kickass torret very good site and demonoide is back I have problem when I load /start my bitcomet for downloading torents it is not signing me in changed my password and installed version 138/64 bit and still not signing me in ! help!!
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