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    Long Term Task Seeding

    In addition I do not tick the task seeding rules (auto stop task when satisfying all the following conditions) in option/task/bitorrent menu. Quite confusing. PF
  2. I always put the task seeding which I found that there are 3 ways to do this, since I do not know what is the different between those 3. My question is which one more effective ? 1. Leave each task active (orange arrow up). 2. Tick the enable long-term seeding in the option menu. 3. Tick the bypass task seeding rules (task always active in Advanced tab) in individual task. Do I need to do all of the above to maintain Long Term Seeding ? PF
  3. Greeting happy new year 2018 to all. Please accept my apologize for late input. According to you, Cassie, my ISP exactly offers an addition Static IP for some amount of money. Anyway I have tried according to all of your advices but failed to have the port forwarding. As per my previous inputs the rounter assigns the Lan IP address (as below) What I can do is to set my computer to Static IP follows the Land IP and put DNS Server IP per your advice. Then I enter the rounter to set forward port between 5001 to around 27000 (few ports only) since Bitcomet program always assigns port only 5000-27000. Result is negative and I do not get the TCP unblock in the Statistics page. Using Port Forward network utility to check and found no port (as assigned) at all. I think the problem is in the router (ZTE ZXHN-H298A) configuration or the ISP has some way to block the TCP ports. At present I am still running with Yellow Port Blocked and it is OK to me at one level. Downloading torrents (at Local initiation) most successful with Long Term seeding and I am very happy with this condition . Thank you very much to those Bitcomet users who put long term seeding in the task property (Bypass Task Seeding Rules, task always active) or leave it active (with orange arrow). Please let me know if you have additional advice. With my great appreciated. Best Regards PF
  4. Will try with your advice and back with a result. Regards
  5. Yes, my internet is Dynamic IP and it changes most daily. What I can do to forward the TCP port ??? Appreciated for you help.
  6. Hi....... My ISP comes back with an answer that... it is a Dynamic IP (Private IP) address and there is no way to forwarding ports. Is it true in the real world ?
  7. I want to change some parts of my first post to the following: There are Fiber optic home gateway box (optic converter) which provides one Lan connection to Router Wan input and the Router provides 4 lan outputs. One of router lan output connect to Android Play box for TV channel, another lan to my PC and remaining 2 lans unused.
  8. Change to your advice but still no result My router IP is different. I have tried those before already and no result. Note: is for the Play Box.
  9. I uninstall Symantec and reprogram my router port forwarding with only one port........ 27381. Set all to one port but BitComet is still port block and no 27381 shows in the firewall allow program. Use port check program and see no port (My IP keep changing). Unlike when I used fix IP (public IP) everything worked fine with Symantec. I am still thinking there is the problem on router. My internet provider also tell me to wait for and update for setting.
  10. Thanks Rhubarb I did a changed on the router (and reset) and port in BitComet. Disable Symantec firewall / rules. It is still no result since I do not see the port in the firewall exception. I will try again with Symantec uninstall. Will post again after uninstall the Symantec since it needs to reset the PC. Suspect nothing from Router....... still working with all help and with my internet provider. Any suggestion ?
  11. I would like to close this topic...............please
  12. Thanks to cassie Follow your advice and follow step by step firmly to set static IP but still fail to forward the ports. Now I am quite sure it has something on the router setting since my router is quite new. Using How to Port Forward the ZTE ZXHN H108N Router is no help since my router is ZTE ZXHN H298A which can not find any info anywhere on the Web. Continue working on this with all kinds of help Regards
  13. My computer uses Windows 7 Ultimate sp1 (sometimes with XP sp3) and BitComet v 1.45 with Symantec Endpoint Protection. In the past using Humax model HG1000R(E)-series router and internet provider said it uses Public IP address. There is no problem at all to do torrenting. Both TCP and UDP ports are all automatically assigned . Now it changed to Fiber Optic with Fiber optic gateway which provides TV channels and Internet access. There are Fiber optic home gateway provides Lan connection to a Play box (TV channel) and router for internet access and it is Private IP address. The router is ZTE ZXHN H298A and all my BitComet TCP ports are blocked, while UDP port is OK (Using direct Lan cable from router to PC) Most of my torrenting depends on Long Term Seeding and all Local IP initiation. No Remote Initiation at all. I work with Service provider and follow all setting around BitComet Wiki information and router setting but still fail to forward the TCP port. Since this is new to me therefore I need help from members who knows how to setup TCP port forwarding (may be both) on router and/or PC setup. Note: I have ghost the Windows and saved just in case I may do lots of PC setting changes. Help....Please
  14. Hi I am sorry, I reinstalled 1.47 version and everything works fine. Please disregard my previous post Regards
  15. It appears that when any new create torrent, the new create box always display 1.79 GB. even the torrent size is not. Is anything wrong with my computer. Regards