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  1. Win7 Pro 64Bit MPCStar 5.4 with TigerPlayer v4. hiccup every 30 seconds. The same file which play by Real Player is very smooth without a hiccup. My experience is that the newer version of MPCStar the worst. When I start using MPCStar back in 2006, it is lighting fast to launch the program and playing very smoothly for RMVB. After it supports MP4, performance downgraded. Take long time to launch the program. Requires higher end CPU to run the program smoothly. Is there any update codes? I remember last time have to install k-codes to fix the serious hiccup problem.
  2. Just installed the good damned 0.76...a freaky program that doesn't work at all. Lost 0.70. :< Where could get it back? I've lots of downloading file WIP. By the way, why not remove the 0.76? At least a warning clause for pals prior to killing themselves.
  3. So it there any suggestion on you are NOT LOGGED IN? Was good at 0.70 now 0 kB/s with a warning of NOT LOGGED IN.
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