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  1. Many thanks! I have been following BC since version 0.56.Have to say it's the best p2p ever!!!
  2. Tried yesterday.The same. Now the only thing I can do is reinstalling Win10. My system was converted from English version to another language a month ago. However, Thank you for your kind help.
  3. I think a brand new laptop is clean enough. Seems no(64 or 32 bit) is available after 1.40. And I tried from1.40 through 1.42 and amazingly 1.41 is the latest version that runs properly.From 1.42 through 1.45 stays no response.
  4. I am using a brandnew Dell laptop and a full version of 1.45 as I used to. and have flipped off the firewall and Windows Defender.It's the same.Nothing happens.The program won't start.
  5. I am currently using Win 10 home Edition 64bit with Windows Defender on.Somehow, it won't start.Nothing happnens after double click the exe file. Strangely however, the win9x.exe works ok! I've seachered the web but in vain. How can I get bitcomet running! Thanks a lot!
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