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  1. lol, its my support team all over again hehe... nah they are both great guys, both have good areas of expertise!
  2. Hi there,

    Just perusing through the new overhaul of the forum... pretty nice, huh?


    cassie :)

    PS- my daughter (9 year-old) loves your avatar, lol.

  3. a torrents "health" is how many people are downloading it in proportion to how many people are uploading it. it doesn't affect the actual movie. for example, if 2 people are seeding, and 400 people are downloading, the health of the torrent would be poor but if 800 people are seeding and 400 people are downloading then the torrent health would be good :D
  4. if your .bin doesnt come with a .cue (if you cant find it) then you can always make 1 with a program called "make cue" its only a small program, im sure google will bring it up fine ;)
  5. the torrent is basically downloading some bad (or rubbish) data (don't worry, i don't mean virus's or anything like that!!!) i mean; as you are downloading a piece of the torrent, ur client will check if its all there, and not corrupt, if its not all there, then its whats known as a "failed hash check", once this has happened, ur client will automatically re download the piece. this is why ur downloading more than the file size. hope this helps :D
  6. im sure that 1311 is file not found, or source file not found, or something like that, so changing the folder would only benefit you if you had to put the files in a folder that it states...
  7. as for having .flv files, these are easily converted using "super" (google it with .fl i,e "super .flv" ) it will convert it into basically anything you want, you can even choose which audio type you want, from .3gp - sony psp audio, then you can choose your video type, and your set :D
  8. Hey and welcome to the forums!!! please check the help sections, basically we will need more info before we can help you, but it sounds like there are no seeds in the swarm :( welcome anyway, have fun!
  9. this is nothing to do with bitcomet (unless it is happening to all of your downloads) This is usually when there are no seeders (people who are uploading the file) ( id say about 99% of the time) or sometimes its a unknown problem (with the torrent, not the client) giving abit more information on the torrent that you are trying to download would give us more to work on :)
  10. but damn nfo viewer is sexy... not as sexy as me, granted... but its still sexy :P
  11. a .diz , .nfo are all .txt files (in some way or another) ALL of them can be opened with notepad. they are just standard txt documents really...... however,nfo's, are a ASCII txt files... ( so they basicaly have pictures made of letters... :unsure: its hard to explain really. If you want to view them in something other than notepad (a program most windows computers have, unless you have deleted it lol) click the following link ---> DAMN_NFO_Viewer Mod Edit: Fixed link
  12. Just thought i would pop in here, maybe i can be of some help some times, i know 1 member knows who i am certainly ;) laters all
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