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  1. Iamloneranger777

    Greetings to all on the forum

    I am new to this forum although I have used comet marks on IE for a few years. It is nice to be here.
  2. I am an avid user of Google Chrome Browser and I have windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit OS. It is long that I have wondered why comet marks is not available for Chrome. I know there is a sync section on chrome but I would really like to see comet marks operating on Chrome I would also like to know if there is a way of deleting duplicate items and a way to sort bookmarks in comet marks. Many thanks to any and all that can advise me.
  3. Iamloneranger777

    What Rank are You?

    8 years using bit comet. rank:135759 score: 66155 Title: Major General
  4. Iamloneranger777

    Unable to sign in to comit id

    I have used BitComet for about 8 years and I have never had this problem. I wonder if they are not perhaps experiencing a DDOS attack? Hallelujah my login opened today about 10 minutes ago. Whoever fixed the server THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  5. Iamloneranger777

    Unable to sign in to comit id

    I am in south africa and have the same problem since two days ago. Never had the problem before. Come on moderators. What's happened?