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  1. I wish to concur with lyner and some of my countrymen's (maybe with the exception of goody's) findings. It was a big contrast to what I usually get from BitComet since Monday 13th. No more double digits dl/ul rates in which all along I've taken them for granted. For someone already grown so accustomed to BitComet, it is clear that the rates are now seldom beyond 5 kBps. Imagine the pain having to see other peers with double-digits rates (some even with 3 digits) with mine plodding alongside. I've taken the initiative of uninstalling and reinstalling 0.70, plus replacing the ZA firewall with that of OUtpost, but still to no avail as there was no marked improvement. It was the same for whatever torrent I've tried: the results were relatively dismal. I'd already be in peace if the rates are in the 10-15kBps region by the time of the 35% file mark with respect to my 512/256kbps. Out of curiousity, I've installed/ran Azureus and utorrent to see if things would turn out differently. Inspite of healthy green NATs, those two clients still give similar results as that of BitComet: single digit performance. I'll go along with lyner to say that other internet activities, such as surfing, FTP download and video streaming, seem to be unaffected. I used to switch-on Kazaa once in a while just to break the monotony, and it was OK before Monday 13th. I'm afraid Kazaa is already unusable now as it disconnects itself too frequently. :(
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