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  1. Gosh!... in that case the ISP in Malaysia would know who we are... Since we have heavy downloading traffic in our IP address. :( Anyway, we paid for the access, we are short changed as customers. :-x
  2. Yes, I have to concur the above problem! I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (ISP: Streamyx) This has been a problem since one month ago. Here is the data from one of my downloads: Health: Between 900% to 2,200% Total Downloaded: 276MB Total Uploaded: 829MB Average Download Rate: 1KB/s within 59:00:00 Average Upload Rate: 3KB/s within 59:00:00 1. Concur that it keeps disconnecting with BitComet, many times over an hour. 2. Concur that it download speed is between 0 to 5kB/s even with a very good health 3. My download is much slower than my upload, that is strange, never had that before, usually it is download faster than upload. Refer to the above data. Block by authorities or ISP?? :( :( :(
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