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  1. I quit using the 'exit' option and when it is count down ,I hit yes ,maybe it is caused by sth else. As the suggestion , I think ISP only block the protocol ,so there is no need to using VPN to circumvent ,plus VPN will limit the speed and causing extra expenditure.
  2. With the new bitcomet1.59 , I found something strange, when I quit the BC without a finished BT task. When restart it it would not connect to peers or seeders ,the tracker or dht return the seeds or peers normally,but not connect that is displayed like [0/335] .But when I manually rehash and restart the task ,it can connect and download . this happened over two tasks , I did not know where goes wrong . Also a suggestion , now BT is blocked by many ISPs,almost useless without encryption ,so can you release the software with the protocol encryption default option set to always then maybe more people can normally using it . Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful software.
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