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  1. I did notice that, too. If a torrent on a tracking site lists a certain number of seeders, is that always accurate? Granted, some of the torrents I'm downloading only appeared to have one or two active seeders, but sometimes I've noticed that BitComet reports different figures on that.
  2. I can't seem to find a USB event viewer that will allow me to see what exactly is happening with all of those connect/disconnect sounds. I see info regarding devices I've physically plugged in or unplugged, but these particular sounds are not appearing as anything on the list. I'll just wait and see what the community has to say about this...
  3. Another thing, and this may be completely unrelated, but I am downloading these torrents to an external HDD, and when I go to shut down BitComet, I get a notification saying something to the effect of "Disk is busy, please wait for awhile."
  4. Hi there! I am having a strange issue lately where all of my torrent tasks sit at 0kb/s and none of them will do anything. I have a good number of healthy torrents, all of which I leave to download and seed. For the last few days, when I check them in the morning they're all sitting at 0kb/s download speed. The only way to fix this issue I've found is to shut down BitComet, restart it (which takes upwards of five minutes to load on an i7-4790k with 16g ram on Win10) - I have to then highlight them all, right-click and hit start because even at that point, they all just have green circle in
  5. Well hi there! It's funny that this post came up in a Google search for the same issue I had back in December 2015. I was reading the post and didn't even realize that it was me who'd originally written it. My wife was reading it with me and said, "Boy, that guy sounds just like you!" And then, sure enough, it was me! Whatever. I thought it was funny. Anyway, so it's been quite a while since I cleaned out my old torrent tasks and I've got them all removed, except for one. The same one that plagued me back in December '15. Simply highlighting this file completely freezes BitComet and I
  6. Yeah, so basically, I've got several torrent files in various stages of completion on BitComet. I can click on and manipulate them all, left click to highlight, right clickand do whatever... Except for one certain torrent file. This time it was a NES emulator torrent. A few months ago this happened with some other random torrent. It doesn't appear to matter what type of torrent, or where it came from, etc. What seems to be the only criteria is that it's the most important torrent TO ME, at the time. Isn't that funny? Here's a link to a video of BitComet randomly freezing just on one p
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