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  1. Thanks for reply just a suggestion thats all ^^
  2. Hey, well first of all my name is Ytys Vynsan , im from england , that gmt time for those not in england. Ive been around the internet testing, downloading, playing, etc and reading what the best and latest things are around, i have even downloaded so much that i have to delect most of it even if it is good. But one program i keep if Bitcomet, i have tryed utorrent but it was slow,unsable and basly crap. Bitcomet has always given me fast downloads for the stuff i need and want. It has even help me to start learning c++ with some of the pdf/ebooks ive downloaded used this solfware. and i must say all the times i have been to this site i have nerver seen that forum link, maybe forum should be more well known more usfull. Thanks for reading, Ytys Vynsan
  3. Hey, well the idea is simple, to compress the peer to peer connection for increased speed of both downloads and uploads for all peers downloading. If made this will also mean that bitcomet will be the only solfware that supports a compressed connection. The idea has been used on solfware already eg FileVilla which is a ftp downlaod client as well as ftp server. Which compresses the data/connection by anythink up to 33% the top i have seen. I have no idea how this could be done or coded so i will have a look around for some more information. Even a small % of compressed connection would make all the differnts. Thanks For Reading, Ytys Vynsan
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