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  1. I can't log in bitcomet since this morning. Is there something wrong with the database or server?
  2. Hi, Is there anything wrong with log in comet at the moment? I can't sign in
  3. Since 2 days ago when i use the client it says port detection failed. Is the server down at this time??
  4. As I had clearly mentioned in my opening post I'm using bitcomet for about a year and I didn't have any problems with port forwarding since 2 days ago so I don't think it's my ISP problem.
  5. I tried canyouseeme.org and it says I could not see your service on that port : http://2.1m.yt/3RSoiOw.png
  6. I use eset smart security 9 and my eset firewall is off : http://uploads.im/u1AHv.png Which programs should i uninstall from the autorun?
  7. This is the programs currently running in my windows autorun. I attached the arn file of my autorun here. you can open the file with this program : https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx Using this file would you please check if there is any program or firewall that is blocking my ports? Thanks arn file : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=60769872419560740679
  8. So how can i know what is blocking my ports since windows firewall is disabled?
  9. I am sure that I have only one router. I'm also sure that I have forwarded ports on my router.I only have nod32 antivirus and windows firewall (which is off). Here is the list of my programs : http://uploads.im/JwhLg.png http://uploads.im/nrgM8.png http://uploads.im/Gue0K.png http://uploads.im/F2VXp.png http://uploads.im/FxNIy.png
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