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  1. Hay well ive got bitcomet running and ive port forwarded it but still it isnt connecting to any peers its got the green arrow but it isn't downloading anything im on 6meg adsl broadband and it isnt the fire wall blocking it so if anyone has any ideas please post them :mellow: thanks.
  2. Were would the traker status be lol sorry if im a noob but i dont know much about this =/
  3. Hay well i have a problem i think its my ports well...when i download something from torrentspy it goes on o the download list and everythings and "starts downloading" BUT it doesn't download anything it just has the green arrow but its got 0 kb/s can anyone help me? :unsure: well i hope someone can (Oh and im on 6meg braudband) My freind said it might be closeing the ports does anyone know how to open a new port for it to download fron that will stay open all the time? :) -=[Jebus of suberbia]=- :)
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