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  1. I am no longer a part of this forum.

  2. We hope you'll enjoy your time spent with us here. Welcome to the forums! :)
  3. This error happens mostly because Firefox sends the magnet link or the bittorrent URI with wrong parameters to BitComet. Follow these steps, and tell us if your problem has been fixed. 1. Close Firefox 2. Uninstall BitComet 3. Reinstall BitComet 4. Open BitComet and set this up: Tools > Options > Integration > Always become the default torrent client on startup Tools > Options > Integration > Check Now (right next to "Always become the default torrent client on startup") 5. Apply the new settings 5. Open Firefox and set this up: Options > Applications > bittorrent URI > Use BitComet - a BitTorrent Client Options > Applications > magnet > Use BitComet - a BitTorrent Client 6. Test it, and tell us the results
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forums! :)
  5. BitComet Score = Points from online time + Points from uploaded Bytes. ** Downloading files, via BitTorrent protocol, doesn't affect the Score. The same applies to HTTP and FTP protocol. ** Learn more about how the score is being calculated here.
  6. Go to Tools > Task > Auto resume tasks at program startup ** Note that this option only resumes the status of the tasks after BitComet starts. In other words, if you want your tasks to start automatically when BitComet starts, simply start your tasks before you exit BitComet.
  7. Go to Tools > Options > Disk Cache and change the default settings to these ones: • Minimal disc cache size: 50 • Maximal disc cache size: 1024 • Shrink disc cache if free physical memory lower than: 500 • Cache size for HTTP: 2048 Your BitComet was freezing probably because you HDD was overworked. We'll fix this issue by increasing the amount of memory used for cache.
  8. I think this happens because of HardDrive overload. We can fix that. Please tell us, how much RAM do you have?
  9. I feel like I need to rephrase my answer... • I think it simply connects with the port you have specified in the Options. This means that if your WAN IP has changed, or if your port mapping configurations have changed, in either case, BitComet will try to connect with the specified port to other peers. If it succeeds or not, that's part B. • The Statistics list is not updated in real time so, yes, you'll need to check the IP/port manually to find out the status.
  10. Yes, this because BitComet does not update Statistics lists in real time. No, it won't. If the connection is lost, BitComet will automatically try to establish a connection to the peers it was connected before your IP got changed. As far as I know, there is no such option. Requesting it in the Suggestions forum might be a good idea :) As far as I know, BitComet connects to peers automatically when the computer has a WAN connection -- you don't have to worry about that. Only the Statistics list is not updated in real time.
  11. You'll need to sign up to http://www.cometid.com and log in to BitComet with your CometID account. How the points are being calculated, you can find out here: http://www.cometid.com/accounts/score
  12. I am glad they managed to merge both 32bit & 64bit versions to a single installer. Changing the default disk cache to a higher value was a good idea too :)
  13. Those files are not archives, but virtual DVDs -- they can be opened as archives, but it would make no sense to do it this way. You need Daemon Tools to mount them as virtual drives. Then you will be able to explore them in My Computer. It will also solve your problem ;)
  14. Then try and download other files which are not infected.
  15. This means the problem occured when you have downloaded some infected executables/archives. ;)
  16. What internet connection do you have? 3G/4G, ADSL, etc ...
  17. We can't help you because you haven't provided us the required information regarding this matter. Please read this, and rephrase your entire post.
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