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  1. Oh yes that is when I was travelling in Africa, 8 months I was doing that i thought it was the internet out there, it's bloody trrrible anyway nice to be home again
  2. I never knew it but I have been a member here for 3 years and this looks like my first posting, so hello everyone What is everyone up to or doing here ?
  3. Waste of time trying to sign in any more, bitching and moaning isn't going to make it any better I gave up over week ago now No one has told anyone what the problem is, so why should I worry Who cares anyway ?
  4. Haven't been able to login for 3 days now, What is the problem ? I can sill download/upload though Just find it annoying, watching his globe just spinning away pointlessly Has anyone got any updates ?
  5. Its been 3 days since I have been able to sign in, is there a problem or something / It just sits thee whirrig away I ave tried signing I manually, but nothing is happening
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