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  1. This website is all about how to tweak your pc. Which setting is harmful will tell u. www.alan888.com/winxp You can use google translate chinese to english! http://www.google.com/translate_t WALAOEH!!!!! TUOTU JUZ NID ONE MINUTE TO RISE UP 100K/s !!!!! Bitcomet..........haizzzzzzzz
  2. YO! I would like to SHARE some tweak up internet for increase urs download speed! HERE! INSTALL P2P SERVICE! 1st step go to Disk Cleanup, click it and run it. 2nd step just press ok, any drive also can. 3rd step u will see on top got 2 tab, then u click MORE OPTION. 4th step u will see 3 choice on this page, WINDOWS COMPONENTS, INSTALLED PROGRAMS and SYSTEM RESTORE. 5th step choose WINDOWS COMPONENTS and click clean up. 6th step WOW many things right? Find NETWORKING SERVICES and press detail. 7th step u will see one of choice is PEER-TO-PEER, if the box is uncheck, so u check it(This
  3. My Bitcomet 0.70 causing system hang, after close the bitcomet also can do anything. And internet connection stoped! I dont know what happen. This problem come to me any time, im just running my bitcomet and go to sleep, after that i wake up nad go check my pc, bitcomet is freezed!!! Connection stopped!!! After close all program also not work. When i click to close programs, need a lot of time, bcoz hang like lagging. Im using Bitcomet 0.70 Aztech DSL 600E Modem IE 7 Final Version Windows XP sp2 with full updates till november PPPoE manual diap up broadband?? type of connection?? Bitdef
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