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  1. Thanks a lot for your tutoring, boss. I'll try to fix the red "X" problem as per your guidance to see whether it works or not. Seems to me that the red "X" appeared immediately after my finishing the downloading -- a phenomenon that never appeared before. I'll try to confirm it next time -- exactly while the progress approaches 100%. Should there appear new questions, I'll come back to you.
  2. Thanks for your guide, boss. The red "X": stopped (Error: opening torrent failed) -- is there any solution, pls.?
  3. Because of the inaccessibility of Kat.cr, I sent a former home page screenshot, which was entirely beyond recognition because of the DDoS attack (with the calligraphy all in blue -- I don't know what we call this kind of web page) to its tech. support. Shortly afterwards the home page was changed to the present one. Of course, I'm not sure that the home page change was exactly due to this screenshot of mine, it's just a supposition. I'll show you this screenshot should I still keep it on my PC.
  4. Funny? Not at all! You cannot imagine the situation I'm in right now. The "kat.cr" web site, from which I downloaded the films, was hard to get access to some time ago. I contacted the tech. support, whose reply was: "Yes, you are right, we have been targeted by DDoS attacks lately, but we are taking all the necessary measures for protecting site." This site was obliged to change its home page design due to the hackers' attack. So I don't think that the sudden disappeance of my downloaded files was just an accident. 2 or 3 days ago, I found that there appeared a red "X" ahead of the downloaded files (Progress: 100%, Size: 0B, see attachment), which means that I cannot upload them to other BT clients. But the films downloaded are still intact on my hard disk. I checked the possible reasons that may have caused the red "X" -- http://wiki.bitcomet...sible_solutions, and it seems that none of them comply to my case. So I'd like, once again, turn to the administrator for help, pls.. Thanks.
  5. Thanks so much for your response. For the rescue measures, I could make a ghost file for the BT installed. I'd rather propose to add some security configuration for the upcoming new version of Bitcomet, like the anti-remote-hacking one, if possible.
  6. Hi, Following is the information essential as per required: Version of BT: 1.40 Internet connection: Optical fiber Modem: Sagemcom, Model: Fast 5250, no router, no VoIP or tel. device connceted Version of Windows: Win 8.1, Firewal/Antivirus: AVG, 64 bit No IP filtering Issue reported: All of my BT files completely disappeared the next day on my opening Bitcomet. The night before there was no power shut-down or any other incident. I closed Bitcomet and tried to close my PC, only to find that the mouse was "deadlocked"! After that there appeared on the screen -- " your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart ...". Result: all of BT files were found vanished the next morning! Looks like a remote-controlled hacking attack, and there was no blocking action from AVG installed. I wonder whether there is a configuration on Bitcomet which could block such a potential hacking, pls.? Thanks in advance.
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