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  1. ya... i am getting 500mb of rubbish data for a 700mb torrent file... (This mean I dl about 1.2gb for this file)
  2. This is the pic of the same torrent after I block all Azureus client See... There are no error at all and my dl speed is running at my max instead of the 10KB/s... Can anyone tell me why is this so? It is very tiring to block the peer 1 by 1, can anyone tell me how to solve this problem...
  3. My bitcomet keep on connect to the other peer that have Azureus as a client, 30 out of 50 connections belongs to Azureus However, the client is showing high error rate as shown in the pic above, and the no of error is increasing at 1 every 20s, by the time I type finish this message, I have already seen an error rate of up to 100+. Is there a way to ban Azureus user from connecting to my client. i dont noe whether isnt the bitcomet side or the Azureus side that are creating those error. This kind of error rate is not shown on other clients.
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