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    MPCStar update required

    I have a suggestion if you publish one last update. Just integrate mpcstar with codec guide updates Their releases are frequent with latest requirements Allow users to use codecs from codecguide with their tiger player/mpcstar. This will help users like me to save search for mpcstar alternative Looking forward for your positive reply
  2. WallpapersWithQuotes

    MPCStar update required

    Now there is a great need for an update
  3. WallpapersWithQuotes

    MPCStar update required

    There is no option to use internal codes and most new format not work at their best.One more thing i think mpc star does not support NVIDIA CUDA and alternative technologies.There is option for Hardware Acceleration only for Intel HD but i have better GPU installed so no use. There are glitches and slow response when i step forward a 1080p video.
  4. WallpapersWithQuotes

    MPCStar update required

    Hi, I am big fan of mpcstar 5.4 aka tiger player.I am still using the last updater version 5.4( with my windows 10. But i think now is the time to update the codec to latest version. I request the developers to look into this. My most favorite feature of mpcstar is step forward and step rewind with arrows keys. So this feature should not be removed. if you people are not interested in upgrading. please tell me how can i integrate latest codes from k-lite to mpcstar.