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  1. Thanks alot.. you are doing a great job you give lot of your time helping people.. I'll ask again if i will have any question.. i hope you'll help
  2. Hi.. i want to ask some questions about torrenting. I created a torrent file for a movie and uploaded the torrent to piratebay, now i want to delete the original movie from my pc. The torrent will work after deleting the original file from pc? What is seeding? it it necessary all the time when i upload a torrent file? if yes then will it effect my internet speed? i want to upload lots of movie torrents of different movies. what is the good way to do that? also.. I uploaded a torrent last night on piratebay.com and today it had 8 seeders and 4 leechers.. what does it mean... how it got 8 seeders so fast? does it mean all those people downloaded the movie and started seeding it?
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