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  1. hay deepcool0922, thats damn scary man, im too scared to do all that, all i do is disc cleaup, and defrag. lol. anyway, too bad for you guys, im in pj ya, and my speeds are just fine http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v303/MYS34N/bitcomet3.png (my desktop is highrez and will kill your monitors so i didnt put it for desplay on to furoms) [heres a preview of my screenshot] hay Kaizzya look at my speeds HA! but you know what, you guys could be right, i think my internet traffic is being controlled, normally i have 160kb/s but now its only around 100kb/s max (im being sarcastic by the way),
  2. sorry for not being clear about streamyx, i dont believe they are throttleing, when ever streamyx does mantanence, they shut down some servers and load traffic to others to prepair them for the upgrade, slowing down everything, latency is one thing that gets gayed, my ping was like going from 120 to 500 on MY/SG servers, you dont notice it when web browsing, but if you go to youtube, your movies will get timed out alot more than normal, it affects torrents cuz your connection to peers/seeders also gets times out, i think it times out when your ping is 400, i could be wrong, but this is what i
  3. hay, did you guys manage to check streamyx's front page, it said they were doing mantanance, fools, dont any of you remember last time's mantanances thinggy, when they upgraded from 512kbps dl to 1mbps dl (the speeds were just as bad, i think this was 3 years ago), this time they tried going from 1mps to 4mbps apparantly, but it was too much, so they put it to 2mpbs instead, then they updated their product package page right, it is 2mbps dl 512kbps upload, but the traffic was too much, i signed up for the 2mbps package on day 1, even thou now they took away that package from their website, i s
  4. anyway for the tech people, im running windows xp, and when i stopped my torrents they vanished from the menu screen, i tried re downloading the torrents but they said they were allready there, but i couldnt select them to make them start start again, the files were in their folders, nothing was lost, but i couldnt start them again cuz i couldnt select them, anyway just thought the bitcomet tech team might want to know. im going to reinstall back to 0.7, and if 0.77 isnt a stable release, please correct the front page, cuz it dosnt say anything about stable or unstable releases update: yea in
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