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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, sure. I experimented with the settings without fear, as I had previously created an image of a stable Win and BitComet (1.64), including running torrents for each tracker separately, running a mixed number of torrents for three trackers, in an amount not exceeding 50 pcs. - no result. I tried to upgrade 1.64 to 1.65, installing on top - with no result. Clean installation 1.65 - no result. Please pay attention - as soon as I restored the system from the image (for the sake of experiment purity, to exclude the influence of third-party factors) to version 1.
  2. Hello everyone! I don’t speak English, so I apologize for the machine translation (Google). I have been using BitComet for 4 years, I really like the program, for which many thanks to the developers! Guys, I have a problem with versions 1.65, 1.66 and 1.67 - trackers do not see my distributions (torrents). I am registered on two open trackers and one private. On all trackers, the problem is the same. In the first 10 minutes, trackers see 20-25 of my torrents (I have 425 in total), after 5-10 minutes another 5-10 torrents are added, and after 30-40 minutes all trackers show 0 torrents (
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