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  1. that's odd. bitcomet works for me just fine with a limited account. did you try saving the torrent onto your desktop and open the torrent from there instead?
  2. well, that's something. i suggest that you guys stop downloading for a while and just do normal surfing for a couple of weeks. i trust that once tmnet discovers that you've stopped hogging the network bandwidth, they'll stop throttling your bandwidth.
  3. You are downloading very slowly, because Bitcomet does not show info on DL rate which is below 0kb/s. In other words, your speed is in bytes. The reason you're downloading at snail speed is because, you have only one peer. I'm not a pro at bittorrent but it is clear that you only have a good speed when there are alot of peers. I believe that if you try on other torrents with a larger number of peers, the result would better. Now you can't do anything else but wait until other seeds join to share this file.
  4. Hi, I've been reading all of your posts and I decided that I want to say something. First of all, I'm not a Streamyx user but I live in Malaysia. I'm a Maxis Broadband user at 512kbps. Lately I've been experiencing slow downloads on my Bitcomet even though there are enough peers to ensure that I have a fast speed. I am currently using the latest version, Bitcomet 0.77. I do not know whether this is a stable release or not so can anyone please enlighten me here? Anyway, what I want to say is, is there a TMnet policy for Streamyx users regarding Fair Usage? Because there is one for Maxis. B
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