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  1. Now I install a new window with clean install [backup format and install] this problem are fixed I think this problem appears about some free program include a malware / adware, that make my computer problem
  2. I was scan disk with properties and repair it, but problem is still appears no error show on scan disk
  3. Now I was reduce value follow your recommended and problem is still appears I must change Harddisk?
  4. Yes, I do but problem about disk overload still appears After Disk Busy Notification a Task is... Task Manager show like this
  5. Hi, I using Window 10 and today [2016/04/16] got window last update, after update bitcomet announce me a 'Disk Overload' and always announce in right corner of PC, some task or all task was force stop [with x at status] this problem is about bitcomet or window update? [before update I never found this problem] Thanks
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