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  1. i have extra router that im not using.. the name is d-link would it solve the port forwading? or nah?
  2. ahhh ok sorry for giving info way too late.. thank for all the help
  3. it is 4g connection and currently im using 1 router... any other solution?
  4. any solution except the reserve ip address because there is no reserve ip address in my router
  5. any other suggestion? because there is no ip reservation in my router and this
  6. what reserve a static IP look like in the router? sorry for my bad english
  7. EDIT: i change my ipv4 to also i forgot to ON in ther virtual server list UDP Status but then still yellow
  8. i find it hard for me to fix it. help me fix the yellow light please. modem - B315s-936 HUAWEI
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