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  1. Been using BitComet for ages. There is NO better client. The LTS setup is unique delivery real speed increases that other clients just can't give and I tested a whole bunch of them and uninstalled them all. So thanks a lot to all involved. Now that said I'm looking at the Best disk cache settings. Setting it on default is problematic with a fast connection. So i set the max to be 7GB and yes that maxes my 200Mbps line almost always I feel that 7GB is high especially when bitcomet tends to want to use the whole 7GB. Reducing this reduces the amount Bitcomet uses but large torrent do
  2. I know I have seen the LT Seeding column before and it showed which torrent is actually LTS seeding and the speed. Is it on the old versions or does the new version have it too because I can't see it. I can see in the top that my upload speed is 14256kB/s so basically maxing my upload speed and all my bt tasks is stopped so it's LTS seeding which I actually don't mind at all but I do remember you could actually see it as a LT Seeding column.
  3. Since my last post I've been trying everything and seems like if I want to seed these 3 torrents @ full 100Mbps aka ~13MB/s I would need a disk cache setting of at least 5GB. Find it strange that BitComet needs this much RAM to seed at full 100Mbps. Now I just wonder what will happen once I start adding more torrents and they start seeding too. RAM usage would then skyrocket.... These torrents have been moved to my SSD and everything is running from my SSD.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I assure you there is no confusion here. I know the difference between MB/s and Mbps. 100Mbps is give or take 12.5MB/s depending on TCP overhead. I can assure you it's a bitcomet issue and I decided to test other client with the exact same 3 torrent seeding on the same hdd but not seeding the same time as each other. For the test I closed bitcomet and rehash checked the 3 torrents in qbitorrent. I have attached it below. You can see my line is almost being maxed but the disk read is not being killed like in bitcomet. My main drive i
  5. So basically I added a 1TB HDD to my pc to use only for BitComet. Downloaded 3 torrent. 1 x 50GB, 1x 35gb and 1x 10Gb torrent. I have a 100Mbps download and upload fibre line. Torrents downloaded @ 12Mb/s which is very good as always. Now I left these torrents seeding and found it strange that they are only seeding @ like 800KB/s. Noticed bitcomet is very slow to respond and see that when I check task manager BitComet is using the Disk at 100% and read speed of 85MB/s but everything is only seeding at less than 1MB/s so why is Bitcomet killing the Disk IO like that? Task
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