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  1. Hello forum i recently have been having an error message from bitcomet and dont know how to fix this, is it a bug? the message says: ''do you want to open or save this file'' each time i open bitcomet. Says passport_login_en_us.mht
  2. I have a file called Downloads.xml.bak, but i was unable to open it because bitcomet says its not the same format, and was told to open it when i firstly opened bitcomet after the restart and after i noticed the list was blank, to tell you the truth, i dont remember if i pressed the shut down button manually or if i pressed restart on that day because i remember having a problem with my pc, it seemed like someone was remotely controlling my pc....i dont know what was going on, but i dont remember if this problem came before or after i pressed the shut down button manually on my pc
  3. Well I have found some torrent history i think its in a file called ''torrents'' and i hashed the downloads and it seems to be back to normal, i luckily took screenshots of all my list and downloads before this happened so i know which files are supposed to be in the list, since i have history from previous lists... To tell you the truth, I always restart my pc the same way, i leave everything open and then i press restart, and i never had a problem. This only happened on the day of the post... Also i dont know how to check my Bitcomet version, maybe it is 1.40?
  4. Well I dont remember if my cometID was used with the same email or if i forgot my comet ID or password, all i know is that i tried changing email here and it doesnt work. At least if i cant change my email can you try changing my ID? I want to change Pcnoobsdc to BitCometLord or AnonLord, change it if you can and let me know the results.... If that doesn't work, then let me know so that i can try a new email account. Can you also tell me what is the use of a CometID? And also how to be anonymous when downloading torrents with Bitcomet. I really need to know that
  5. Hello forum, i wish to change my email account so i can use this email for another account since i cant change my username, my intention is to have a new account with a new username. I have tried changing email but the forum rejects my password, i even changed the password and confirmed, but the forum still rejects my password. Please help me fix this problem. I need to fix it today or ASSAP so i can continue using this forum
  6. Hello forum, this is not the first time that this has happened. I had a torrent task on my bitcomet for completed and uncompleted torrents, but after I restarted my pc yesterday some settings on my pc randomly changed without me changing anything, for example on my bitcomet, my tasklist has disappeared, and i dont know how to get it back and to resume my downloads I have some torrent files on my pc, but i usually use the ''open'' option before downloading a torrent so i dont know if all my torrent files havve been saved, so i dont know if i have all my torrents in one place. Also i dont know where they are located... Can someone please help me, this is urgent. I need to get back to work now and ASAP
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