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  1. Unfortunately no, thank you for your service though. Your advice was very helpful and much appreciated
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. And is there at least a way to get it to function better? The instructions in the Readme's and other files in the project don't seem too specific or helpful
  3. Hey guys I'm new to bitcomet products in general and was just looking for a home PC compatible BitTorrent tracker application. Which you guys helpfully provided so kudos to you. But I'm having some trouble with it, when I use the announce and/or the scrape URL are returning 0 peers in the client, however at the information URL there is plenty of accurate information. There is also no data being transfered through the tracker, when I turn off DHT and PEX there is no transfer no matter the client including the BitComet client. Also, when I try to imput a connection string after having moved the MySQL db DLL file into the plugins folder the client doesn't connect to the database. When I include the port of the DB host however the client crashes. Also when I try to include more than one port for the TCP or UDP urls like the client suggests allowing it deletes all the secondary ports. Can anyone please help with this?
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