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  1. I'm using Bitzipper to extract and the type of files I'm trying to extract are iso+mds+rr3
  2. So is there a way to fix this so i can extract the files without them getting deleted
  3. The router i'm using is a AT&T Uverse router I'm using Window 10 I Don't have any antivirus only Windows defender 64bit the version Bitcomet I'm using is Bitcomet 1.41
  4. Hi I can't fix the block on Bitcomet the blocked code is Also I'm running Windows 10 an using Windows defender I also can't extract when i finish a torrent I really don't know what i'm doing please help
  5. I've been using Bitcomet for about a year and everything has been fine i was able extract files with no issue but now that i've switched to a computer that uses Windows 10 instead of Windows 7 every time i try to extract files from Bitcomet my extractor says warning C:/downloads has been deleted does anyone know how to fix this thank you.
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